Zucchini turkey spaghetti

Who He says you can not have spaghetti on a Paleo diet? Well, you can not have what most calls America “spaghetti” (the one known not as good “pasta”), but it can have a very close second. At least in my opinion, that can not be winning over yet. Maybe if I tell you that when my husband took one bite and told me what kind of noodles are these and then proceeded to tell me how good they were … .WOULD to earn more? What happens when actually said that the noodles were zucchini “noodles” and he proceeded to introduce his statement and even said “that’s good”. Do I am closer to winning that again? I have to say that if the husband approves then I know I’ve been successful especially in the aspect of Paleo. He is still not 100% reduction of things in your diet (like beer), but he is not afraid to give it a try. So if you like something and says it should be added to the list of essential again, then that’s saying something.

I promise not miss the pasta in this dish of spaghetti. And your tummy will not feel like a big bold sits in the stomach after eating either.

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