Zeta Clear Review – Kill Nail Fungus & Clean Up Yellow Toenails?

Zeta Clear is a home treatment for nail fungus , which helps eliminate the growth of use of a topical remedy. This is our opinion.

What is Zeta Clear?

Millions of people are suffering from nail fungus, which is much more than it should have. nail fungus is embarrassing and painful. Many doctors say they do not hide your toes into the sweaty shoes, but that layer of yellow brittle nail fungus toe is not exactly the look you want to take to the beach or in the city. a solution that can heal your body quickly and let go again in shoes or expose your toes freely is needed. Zeta Clear is necessary.

Zeta Clear is available for treat toenail fungus at home, and no prescription is required. This homeopathic treatment is completely, and is designed to be a topical solution is applied in which has fungal irritation. According to the demands of the website, regular use of this product:

  • kills any fungal nail throughout toes
  • removes traces yellow keratin remaining in the infected nails
  • is natural
  • is secure
  • is effective

nail fungus is something that it can be prevented with proper care of the feet and hands. Fungus often forms when nails are continually exposed to moisture rich areas with bacteria and fungi around. Many athletes end up with nail fungus improperly care sweaty feet after a game. However, if you make sure to clean and dry your feet properly, you will be free of fungus. If these preventive efforts do not work, you can rely on the effects of Zeta Clear to remove the fungus.

How Zeta Clear works

The Zeta Clear system has two ways with which it works. The only formula is available for use both topically on the nail, and you consume.

The topical solution penetrates the surface of the nails to help fight the fungus that has grown there. Since the appearance of fungi is also polishes the skin around those nails, helping to promote healthy skin and cuticle. No information on the use of this product orally.

All ingredients of this formula are well known for their skills in treating the symptoms of nail problems in recent decades, but they have all been used separately in the past.

The ingredients in this remedy are:

  • oil tea tree
  • Almond oil
  • oil lemongrass
  • jojoba oil

using Zeta Clear

There are very few addresses that dictate exactly how to use this product beyond the fact that you apply topically brush. A recommended dose is not listed on the website, but the FAQ says it will find this information on the bottle when it arrives.

According to Zeta Sure, you should see the results you want in just a few weeks.

The price of Zeta Clear

When ordering Zeta Sure, you have some options to determine what your total price. The supply is divided into lots of several units of the bottles, which offer higher discounts to ask for more at a time. If you order something larger than the test package, you are eligible for free shipping. These are each available packages:

Best-selling package

This package allows you to buy three bottles at a time, while receiving two additional bottles free of charge. It ends with a five-month supply of product $ 149.85, which comes out to $ 29.97 per bottle.

Level 2 Package

This package allows you to buy two bottles of treatment but an additional bottle is obtained for three. In essence, it ends with a three-month supply for $ 99.90 Zeta clear, that comes to $ 33.30 per bottle.

Sampler package

This package only offers a bottle of formula Zeta course, but that makes it a smart choice for anyone who is skeptical of this solution. To test Zeta Clear for a month, you will have a total charge of $ 49.95, and you will be responsible for paying the shipping cost.

contact the manufacturers of the Zeta Clear

The company states that they can offer consumers a way to contact them by phone or email, but no address is given email. Instead, they offer phone numbers for each area of ​​the world that can offer this resource. For the United States and most international calls, you can dial (818) 303-9260 to reach someone. Your customer team is available from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm in the Pacific time zone.


Zeta Clear is a natural remedy that helps solve a problem, that 8% of the population regularly faces. growth of nail fungus is not a permanent fact, and there is not much you can do to manage infection. With a little attention and application of the formula Zeta clear, you can slip back into your favorite sandals in no time.

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