Youva Bright Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Youva Bright Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream

By Sonya S.

me start by saying I’m a beauty addict – I love try new products and wait to see the results. I have combination skin that easily clog and sometimes breaks out in red spots on the cheeks, so I have to be very careful with the products I choose. Moreover, at 45 years old, I’ve been fortunate to crow’s feet and dark shadows that have not shown up around the eyes. The skin on my eyelids is starting to look a little crepey, though, so I was more than willing to try Youva Bright Eyes Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($ 62).

This was the first time he had heard of Youva, whose motto is “directly from the source.” After sniffing around the site, it gave me the impression that the all-natural brand values, good-for-your-skin products. The fight against aging eye cream says fight fine lines, puffiness and dark circles with an impressive list of key ingredients. hyaluronic

The acid helps the skin retain moisture and reinforces its barrier to a supplier and plumper look. marine collagen , which is extracted from cold water fish, has antioxidant properties that fight environmental damage, and moisturize and filled cells. Finally, it is licorice root , which is one of the oldest remedies in history. Its benefits include brightness and evening the skin tone, and has been used as an alternative to aggressive chemical hydroquinone in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. The most important thing for those of us with sensitive skin, it is said that licorice root extract to soothe irritation and redness.

I’ve been using this cream twice a day, gently stroking up and down of the eyes, for over a month. It has a floral aroma that is a little stronger than I expected an eye cream; However, the natural fragrance does not bother me or irritates the eyes in any way. The cream is very light and absorbs quickly. A big plus for me was that leaves no oily or greasy skin and other eye creams I’ve tried has residue.

have not seen any improvement in crepiness under the eyebrows, but the cream provides ample hydration and brightness. I would definitely recommend trying based on the wonderful ingredients, certified organic inside and the positive results that can be achieved with long-term use Bright Eyes. My jar is only half empty, so there is still time and hope to tighten the loose skin around the eyes.

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