Your Blood Type Reveals Much About Your Health

Women with type A blood are more fertile, but have a higher risk of cancer stomach, the group 0 is protected against heart attacks, but not against high blood pressure, and group B carries the highest risk of pancreatic cancer.

Blood groups are divided into four groups: A, B, AB and 0 and two Rh, plus and minus factors, and they inherit from our parents. Research on the importance of blood groups of health long has been scientifically underestimated due to the scientific Nazi malicious Dr. Otto Rehe who claimed that the group A is typical of the Aryans of pure blood, while people with blood type B are inferior to Aryans.

However, many modern studies show coincidence of certain blood groups with certain illnesses, but also the advantages it brings each group .

Blood group A – fertile, but likely to drink

Members of this blood type have increased risk of stomach cancer. The number of cells eggs- women in this group is less reduced over time, so they are more likely to be able to get pregnant in the elderly.

However, women with type A blood have a higher risk of stomach cancer, especially if they smoke and if they drink alcohol frequently. There are certain links between blood type and susceptibility to alcoholism, but also for obsessive compulsive.

Blood Type B – an increased risk of ulcers, but better metabolism

People who belong to this blood type have a higher risk of pancreatic cancer. They also have a higher risk of memory problems and dementia and Alzheimer’s in older years. Moreover, they are more prone to ulcers and infections, but have a faster, easier metabolism and build muscle responds better to exercise.

The blood group 0 – lower risk of heart attack and reduced fertility

People with this type blood have a quarter lower risk of heart attack and stomach cancer. They have an increased risk of stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria and men with this blood type are prone to obesity.

The members of this blood group women are twice as likely to have less and poorer quality eggs, and therefore its fertility level is lower. The good news is that people with blood group 0 are more resistant to stress -. After traumatic events, their level of stress hormone cortisol falls faster

The AB blood group – prone to a heart attack, but with a better view

women with this blood type have a higher risk of ovarian cancer, and pregnant women with this type of blood have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure – preeclampsia. Members of this group are more likely to experience heart disease and stroke, as well as digestive problems such as chronic gastritis, Crohn’s disease …

However, studies They show that after a traumatic event, cortisol levels remain stable for a long time, making them less resistant to stress. But they are less prone to vision problems, writes Huffington Post.


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