Your Best Face Advanced CE Concentrate

By Ann R.

I’ve been mixing and matching products much in recent months, as I am in my fifties and I feel I’ve looked a little dehydrated and tired than usual. So the your best face advanced AC Concentrate ($ 50 at the store) was a welcome addition to my regime skin care addition. According to Darrell Owens, founder of YBF, the new concentrated advanced AC has been adjusted to be more effective and efficient as a standalone day cream.

still it contains the same three types of vitamin C, but now at a concentration of 12 percent instead of the original 8.7 percent. Skin Research and Technology reports that as low as 0.6 percent concentrations can have positive effects on the skin. YBF is also moving towards the use of the safest options for preserving their formulas – Liquid concentrate leucidal CE uses a variety of horseradish root ferment filtered. There is nothing objectionable or suspicious in this cream, and the active ingredients are right at the top of the list of ingredients.

Hydration and irritation relief obtained with seed oil and meadowfoam alpha bisabolol . Demonstrated free radical neutralizer vitamin E acts synergistically with vitamin C, E recharging after making their neutralization. Vitamin C is an ingredient that has been extensively studied and shown to be beneficial in whole skin care. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, it is vital for collagen synthesis, leading to firmer skin and improved texture, and is said to prevent and treat UV-induced damage. The use of this ingredient has been shown to lighten dark spots, reduce inflammation, and increase the effectiveness of sunscreen.

In order to remain stable, vitamin C should be kept in an opaque container airtight. Concentrate EC is housed in a cylinder of silver and dispensed through an airless pump. I do not know if there are differences between airless pumps, but it works surprisingly well. The product is not as rigid as the old version, which makes it easier to dispense. There was no need for priming after the original use; dispensation is consistent and easy to control. The cream itself is white, odorless and silky without being very thin – it spreads well on the skin.

I started out using the cream during the day, on top of a copper peptide serum. Then I thought about how these two can (or not) canceled. Just three days, it happens to me to use it before bedtime. I applied on YBF Restore serum ($ 130 in the store) and before any additional moisturizer. The brand encouraged this stratification, which tells me that a peptide brightness Restore works very well with the concentrate of vitamin C in the EC, which accelerates the results.

I love Restore and have been seeing great results with it, so I was worried about noticing changes of vitamin C. It also concentrated feed CE is like a skin care Border Collie – if you do not give something see, your couch cushions chewed. You can feel the tingling cream and get to work right when applied. Some spots on the face, like the sides of the nose and the bottom of the chin, began to feel rough and scaly. But when I switched to using only every two days, clarified irritation.

Not long after I started using CE concentrate on the face, I looked down at my sun-damaged, that have been neglected forearms. My forearms tend to be dry, and not only are dotted with brown spots, but also with reverse freckles (also known as white areas without pigmentation). I started using a pump CE concentrate on the hands and forearms and voila! Seriously subtle results obtained in just three days. Freckles were lighter and, more importantly, the white areas began to mingle. I have not had any dry or rough feeling. In any case, my arms feel softer and more hydrated one aspect (my nails do not leave these, chalky white stripes when I scratch).

I intend to continue using CE Concentrate, and I am very satisfied with the results.

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