You Told Us: What Really Works for Sun Damage

The sun can be a cruel mistress. Decades ago it was perfectly normal – encouraged even – to sit in the sun slathered with oil to achieve a “healthy” tan. However, further research showed that UV rays can be very harmful and when tanned skin and tan Fab reckless calmed down, we left decorated with sunspots unwanted. Then the truth presented in the aging community favorite solutions to correct discoloration and sun damage.

Solutions sun damage

Sciote Illume Whitening Cream ($ 85 in the store) is armed with a powerful concentrations of glycolic acid (5%) and kojic (3%) to exfoliate and gently restore skin clarity acid. hyaluronic acid and plant extracts also work to nourish and hydrate. The result is smoother, softer skin.

“I have 52 years and this product has actually reduced sun spots and deep wrinkles on the face, but I’ve been using my hands as well and see such an improvement !!” – Janice

Medik8 CE-thione rechargeable vitamin C serum ($ 150 at the store) is a powerful serum of 15% of vitamin C with a pH optimized to avoid irritation. This helps fade dark spots, skin lightening and re-Texturing, while preventing further damage skin.

“I am 56 years old, with white skin and dry skin, living in the Gulf Coast area of ​​the US and beginning to see signs of sun damage. After a few months, . my hyperpigmentation and even wrinkles are diminishing the look and feel of my skin is much improved. “- Jody

your best face Defender ($ 130 in store) is a lotion that protects the days while being corrected. The formula is packed with concentrated light stabilizers peptides, antioxidants and botanicals to stimulate brighter and more uniform skin tone while helping to prevent further damage. Think of it as the companion of your sunscreen.

“My experience of four weeks of your best face Defend has certainly been an effort worthwhile. The dark sunspots on the face have disappeared (although it has not completely disappeared), but I’m waiting the continued use fade more. “- Pam

BRAD Ultra Peel Exfoliating Gel ($ 175 in store) has been recently renovated with fewer preservatives and chemicals fill and a softer formulation. This potent gel serum used to stimulate skin regeneration AHA, lighten dark spots in the process. But take note, the AHA also make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so use sunscreen while using this product.

“This product gives the skin a glow. I said in my review, at my age, I have a lot of age spots and sun damage. The first thing I noticed after a week was a lightening of the most prominent dark spots “-. Ki

Dr. Dennis Gross ferulic acid + Retinol Brightening Solution ($ 88 in store) uses a carefully formulated, smooth blend of retinol and ferulic acid to clarify sun spots, hyperpigmentation and scarring. A serum roundhouse that fits well in any arsenal of anti-aging.

“It’s working safely in fading some dark spots that I got from a tanning session (something that should never happen again), and I would say in this case I have to use the product for two months to see remarkable results, however, the way it has been working I think I’ll keep seeing the results. “- Ana

La Vie Celeste Eclairage Restorative Serum ($ 98.50 in the store) is an all-natural solution that multitasks not only to reduce pigmentation, but also smooth wrinkles. Lilac leaf cell culture extract, licorice and oligopeptide-68 / B-White are used to illuminate and even out tone.

“I have a stain pigment after careless tanning for about two years in the upper eyelid, and after two weeks of daily use serum was much brighter .. .. “- Dasha

Elena Rubin Lighten ($ 119 in the store) is a non-irritating odorless serum using alpha-arbutin, kojic acid and oils derived from citrus to lighten dark spots and even out skin for a brighter complexion renewed.

“I have to admit I have seen a marked difference in the stubborn brown stain that diligently have been trying to get rid of more than 2 years. Although it has not yet completely disappeared, easily covered with concealer now am quite comfortable in the idea that in a couple of weeks or it will be gone or barely perceptible. “- Lonnie

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