You Have Cuticles? Here Is How They Occur And How To Remove Them!

The cuticles on hands are a common problem. They usually due to nibble your nails or skin around the nails.

it is an inflammatory process that is at the root of the nail. It can often occur from skin around the nail to swell, crack or redness to occur. If the inflammation is not treated in time, it can spread and cause severe pain.

In addition to a very ugly, cuticles can become infected and cause major problems.

How to treat cuticles?

1. First you need to remove dead skin at the root of the nail. Try not to use the kit nail someone else. It is extremely important that the nail kit uses only belongs to you because sharing nail kit can often lead to exchanges of bacteria found on the skin around the nail, which causes a problem.

2. If you have inflammation of the cuticle then I highly advise you to carefully remove the excess skin that is dry, and the rest to treat the follows – first clean the skin with soap and then well moisturize the skin and nails greasy cream.

3. By removing dead skin around the nail cuticles which occur, make sure that the skin does not wrinkle.

4. If your irritated and red skin that is around the nails is itchy, it means that it has reached bacteria and fungi. If the itching does not stop even after you have washed your hands or clean with alcohol and then try disinfected with hydrogen.

5. Do not chew nails and cuticles. It is also very important that you enter into your body. Make sure the food is introduced to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium and zinc. This rapid growth of nails guaranteed.

6. Do not wash your hands frequently. If you use harsh chemicals then it is necessary to regularly use moisturizer for hands and nails.

is very important for the skin to be wet, because dry skin is prone to cracking. It is desirable that acetone is used to be that fatty.


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