You Can Speed Up The Wight Loss Process By Eating Chocolate In The Morning. See Here How!

Believe it or not, experts recommend eating chocolate for breakfast. Research has found that eating chocolate first thing in the morning can improve the functioning of your brain, but also help your waist.



During the study 32 weeks, a group of scientists from the University of Tel Aviv gave a group of obese adults chocolate as part of their breakfast, and the other group was on a reduced diet.

When he finished the trial period, the group that ate the most chocolate had lost weight and kept longer than the other group weight.

The first reason for this is that the black chocolate increases metabolism to burn fat and carbohydrates, making you feel full longer, so you will eat less during the day.

Moreover, strict diets with reduced calorie intake is very hard and often don`t give the expected results.

As Angela Ginn Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says.. “Your body needs fuel to run the process of weight loss is calories in versus calories out The problem with most diets is the feeling of deprivation. ”

eating chocolate in the morning boosts the brain

A long-term study by Syracuse University has discovered that cocoa improves brain work, by increasing their cognitive functions such as abstract reasoning and memory. Regular consumption of chocolate can prevent brain damage related to age.

Other research has found that flavonoids found in chocolate, with its antioxidant properties, can increase blood flow to the brain, improving their neuronal functions.

These benefits for the brain-boosting are very powerful in the morning because `s when the brain needs more energy, they wake up and start the day.

Good chocolate

The most important thing is to eat good chocolate, not any kind you like, as Kit Kat bar, for example. Chocolate must contain at least 70% cocoa, because it is only rich in flavonoids which provide the effects of weight loss.

Watch the video below to find out how the black chocolate is beneficial for weight loss.



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