You Can Be Fat and Fit – Or Thin and Unhealthy!


You Can Be Fat and Fit - or Thin and Unhealthy!

By Dt Vishal Dev dietitian / nutritionist

The incidence of obesity is increasing worldwide and therefore the unit to be fit is also on its way up. Therefore, there is no rush to lose weight and get in shape, which can come with its own set of problems. Being thin may not necessarily be healthy as fat can mean you do not need to unhealthy.

Risk of Disease-

Multiple studies have shown that if you have a higher index BMI or body mass, but also have a high metabolism, then the risks of getting heart disease or cancer were equal to that of people with weight normal.

Factors that can affect your life and the possibility of a disease –

Some of the factors that actually determine their health, regardless of weight and BMI are:

a. The levels of good and bad cholesterol

b. insulin resistance in the body

c. Amount of triglycerides in the body

d. High blood pressure

Many studies have shown that about half of obese or overweight people tend to have good metabolism limit and thus would be considered metabolically adjustment. However, if anyone had even two indications together, then your chances of dying from these increase exponentially compared to thin people.

Metabolic Fitnessgram®

This term from now it will be important because studies have shown that thin people with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease than obese people who have the highest levels of the metabolic condition.

The factors also determine health, regardless of weight –

Some factors that actually determine how fit and healthy you are can be summarized as:

a. The diet you follow

b. If your sedentary lifestyle is too

c. The levels of stress in your life

d. Lack of sleep

e. Or regular daily exposure to pollutants

Therefore, thin people who fall on the wrong side of these factors certainly be less fit and prone to disease compared to people who are overweight or obese are marginally on the right side of the factors.

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