You are the Placebo Dr. Joe Dispenza

You are Joe Dispenza Dr. Placebo has an incredible look at the power of the mind over the body.

I love taking the books I read and extract my favorite 5-7 key ideas / views and action steps I have personally taken and implemented to improve my life and the lives of those around me. This also gives you a great overview book to see if you would like to go deeper into it or not.

Dr. Joe Despenza is a scientific researcher and incredible pioneer of science of change, healing and miracles. He teaches in the power of our minds to change our lives, heal our bodies, and live supernaturally. His books “You are the Placebo” and “break the habit of being yourself (which I also read) are both directions from where you are now, where you want to be, and experience a life beyond your imagination. his teachings are based of his years of research in brain mapping and workshops taking place around the world when radical changes.

About placebo


you are Joe Dispenza Dr. placebo have a deep look around science the placebo effect.

Ground breaking research in recent decades has shown that the human mind has a powerful ability to heal the body.

scientists accidentally stumbled upon this fact, when we were testing drugs against placebos. a placebo is typically a sugar pill or saline that used in medical trials to test against the effectiveness of a “real” medicine.

Scientists began to be surprised when the placebo drug (which had no curative effects) soon produce spontaneous healing in their patients.

When individuals believed they were taking the drug consistently “real” again and again, in the trial after TRAIL cured individuals.

Consider the following examples of mind body healing

  • Several studies have shown that surgery-placebo, where the patient is cut, but not surgery is performed, they are as effective as the actual surgery. This has been observed in conditions ranging from angina to arthritis in the knees.
  • In one test, the researchers said that patients are injected with a drug called apomorphine Parkinson powerful, but injected them with saline. Brain scans showed that injections of saline had effects that were indistinguishable from the real drug.
  • Valium, which is widely prescribed for anxiety disorders, has no effect unless patients know they are taking.

All this suggests that the effects of an intervention, whether it is pharmaceutical, herbal, diet, or something else, depend largely on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the intervention.

statistics you are Dr. Joe Placebo Despenza

1. Create your new reality

If we want to change and become better, healthier version ourselves, we have to create it. In the book, Dr. Despenza talks about how “His personality creates your personal reality.” Your personality is simply composed of the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the actions that choose- therefore all in your control. If you want a new personal reality, you have to change your personality to fit what you want.

Life is currently experiencing is based on your thoughts and past decisions. Obviously, to change, it is necessary to make new thoughts and decisions. This is uncomfortable at first. When you start to think and act in new ways, it feels weird because it is creating new pathways in the brain instead of using the same pathways that have been using throughout his life. If you keep with it though, you can create a new YOU that leads to a new body, health, and endless opportunities.

Dr. Despenza calls this process “cross the river of change. ” It is now in one hand and you want to be on the other, and must be done through the river to have lasting change. In other words, we must die to be reborn.

2. Thoughts Change the Body

Dr. Joe Despenza talks about the new science of epigenetic . That is, we can change our DNA based on our thoughts and environment. Every thought we think is signaling our genes to express in a certain way. toxic toxic thinking leads to problems in expression and body-positive thinking leads to positive gene expression and health.

it emphasizes the point that if we cure something, we must note the new genes in new ways to create new results.

the point that most people do not heal and deal with the same problems is made again and again because they are simply pointing the day same genes to day by the same thoughts and doing the same daily routine.

is necessary to find out what thoughts and behaviors that are involved in signaling genes are to give the problems you are dealing with now.

things to consider that they might have to change:

  • Your thoughts about something in your life. (Are you negative, insecure, anxious, angry, fearful,) living in these stress hormones will not allow the body to heal and stay healthy.
  • Your beliefs about your body and life (what you’re thinking about your health, body and life?)
  • The food they are eating
  • is it negative and gossiping?
  • Being critical (about himself, his life, the world)

To change your genes, you must change the signals are given:

think in the person you want to be, and identify the habits and thoughts that the person would, and start practicing! What would a healthy, happy and successful person think, believe and do?

The more this new way of thinking the faster your body is still practiced.

3. The mental rehearsal

To mark new genes in new ways, because their genes are expressed to the extent possible, mental rehearsal is the most powerful way to do that. Athletes have known for years. When the mental image is tested and how you act, how you feel, and how you seek is changing, literally, the brain and the creation of new neural connections to match those exact thoughts. When we think of something and feel the excitement as if happened- your brain does not know the difference between what is really going on or what you think.

Despenza speaks of the many functional brain scans is performed on people who sit to meditate and visualize your changing body. Your brain is physically different before and after meditation.

It is believed that one of the most important things to do to change your life is to decide who you want to be, and sit and meditate on it every morning until you feel like a different person. You will rewire the brain, literally, in new ways to make this a reality.

We need to adopt an emotionally result and think about it enough times where beings to signal new genes in new ways before we have evidence that each event. When we do this, our bodies are no longer a thing of the past, but rather a MAP for our future that makes even occur.

Hebrews 11: 1: “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”

“Blessed are those who have not seen and believed . ” -John 20:29

This is what creates change within our body. Our beliefs about what is possible, and truly believe and think about it enough that your brain is as literal that even has already occurred.

You have to recondition the body to be ahead of time. You must not rely on the environment to make you feel a certain way. Do not trust your senses to tell you what is and is not happening. You condition your mind with persistence, and your body follows.

display of emotion + + intensity and frequency changes your brain begins to bring your future reality in your present reality.

You do this my wake up every morning and reminding yourself of what you want to be and no longer wants to be the creation of a new yourself!

4. Generate emotions

is very important to bring excitement to our thoughts. The most powerful emotion in the human body is gratitude. Having gratitude for their perceived future now and be thankful for what you want to happen now make far-reaching changes in the brain and body.

Not only it is the thought alone that changes the body and brain, which is the emotion that goes with it.

This is where most people get it wrong. They try to start thinking positive, but still feel the worry, fear, anxiety, shame, etc. This wreaks havoc on the body because mind and emotions are not online.

THE KEY TO KNOW: The real healing and change in the body start to happen when emotions are aligned with your positive thoughts. This is where consistency comes into play.

Consistency is when thoughts + emotions are aligned. When this happens, incredible things begin to happen in your body! For example, when you think about something that is grateful, and you really feel gratitude, your body is in a state of healing and performing peak.

Most scientists and researchers today are fascinated with body state called coherence. All the research shows that the more you can experience consistency, the more your body heals, repairs and changes for the better.

5. Meditation

to change our lives:

We have to change our thinking and emotions -> changing our beliefs -> changing our habits -> change our lives. To change beliefs, we need to access our sub-conscious mind.

to access your sub-conscious mind, you need to enter a low state of brain waves. When we are in a state of high brain waves, our analytical mind is up and running with thoughts, concerns, planning and disbelief. When you slow your mind down, you can get past those thoughts that run and connect with your sub-conscious mind.

Brain says:

Beta State : When we run for most of the day, been beta is associated with the “thinking mind” of “work” or :. Analysis, planning, evaluation and categorization

Alfa State : Brain waves begin to slow down the thinking mind. We feel more calm, peaceful and grounded. Often we are in an “alpha state” a bathroom, a walk in the woods, or during any activity that helps relax the body and mind.

Theta State : where meditation begins. This is the point where the verbal / transitions thinking mind to meditative / visual mind. We started to move from planning of mind into a deep state of consciousness (often felt like drowsiness), with strong intuition , greater integrity and ability to solve complicated problems. The Theta state is associated with the display.

Theta is the state of mind is more open to create new beliefs and thoughts. They are constantly in beta mode if you are constantly checking email, social networks, text, and multitasking, you will have difficulty changing his mind, thoughts and beliefs. This is why it is so important to slow down, take time for silence and the thought of deep reflection throughout the day.

Dr. Joe reccomends starting each day meditating, visualizing, and the creation of a new being. Thinking that you want to be, which is no longer, and what you want to happen. In this state, the brain and body begin to change.


  1. Look a symptom in your life (physical or emotional). Think about what you have thoughts or habits that may be contributing to this problem. Remember that anxiety, stress, worry, anger, envy, ect. all put your body in a state where it can not cure.
  2. Look where you are now, and think you want to be.
  3. How would that person act? What habits would that person be? What would you do? What would they say?
  4. Take time every morning feeling like that person. Feeling gratitude for their healing and new life. Visualize what it would be, and what it feels like.

This is how you can create your own placebo effect in your own body!

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