You are on a diet, and the weight does not go down? Probably you do this mistake!


If you thought the only weight loss requires reducing daily calorie intake, then you are wrong. The small number of daily calories affects the failure of each of your diet.

Many people who want to lose weight at first stop eating bread, carbohydrates, fruits, alcohol, sweets and meats. But if you drink a cocktail of proteins and eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet it does not make sense.

At first, you may lose a few pounds, but as soon as I get back to old eating habits your body immediately lost weight recovers. It is important to be moderate in everything and not give up all the pleasures clearly.

Another problem that is often done with the diet is abstinence from food during the week, to allow themselves one day in a week you can enjoy a chocolate or similar foods.

The body throughout the week longs for a particular type of food and avoiding immediately before the calories are burned. Depressed mood was one of the side effects of starvation, because the body and mind can not satisfy the desire they have.

always these days, when you want to enjoy a sandwich or ice cream, is more than likely going to eat more than originally planned.

A healthy diet is not white or black. The ideal solution is to follow the recipe 80/20. This means that 80 percent of the time eating healthy food, and 20 percent is reserved for those foods that make you happy.

This is the correct way to give your body freedom, enjoy the food and have a perfect figure.


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