Yellow Mustard for Frightening Glue-Gun Burn

Some home remedies show again and again in the reports from our readers. One of them is the application of a burn yellow mustard.

When we first heard this remedy, the caller specified that mustard had to be the cheap yellow kind used in hot dogs, not French Dijon mustard fantasy. We were skeptical and suggested that stick in cold water on a burn.

Over the years, however, we have heard from so many people who have found soothing yellow mustard on a burn that we have to accept that can be useful. We do not really know why it works, but it seems. You can help even more if mustard is kept in the refrigerator so it cools when applied.

yellow mustard to a burn:

P I’m so glad I found its website with information about mustard for burns . I’m sitting here typing with one hand as I have the other in a loose in a total of mustard.

hot glue sticks to the skin:

I was using a glue gun, and the burn is serious. The drop of hot glue stuck to the skin burning and continued to burn.

I was crying. I started with cold water, then frozen gel packs, but I was in agony the second takes my ice.

Thank God for the Internet! Pain have zero although mustard is now heated to body temperature.

I will never forget this remedy. I would gladly change the pain of a thumb-yellow spotted any day!

A. We were skeptical when we first heard about putting mustard yellow in burns more than 10 years ago. Since then, however, many people have reported success with this approach.

severe burns should get medical care:

We note that a severe burn always requires medical attention. That said, many people have found that the cold yellow mustard is ideal for taking away pain and preventing an ampoule of a common burn the house.

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