Xlear Xylitol Products (Nasal Sinus Spray & Spry Dental Gum)

Xlear creates a variety of products containing xylitol as the main ingredient, including sweeteners, dental products, and care products sinuses. This is our opinion.

What is Xlear?

Xlear (pronounced “Delete”) uses natural resources in a variety of types of wood, fruits, vegetables and other natural sources to create a sweetener that is safe and healthy for your body. Xylitol is used as a way to improve the health benefits of various products. At this time, Xlear is actually the leading manufacturer of products including Xylitol in the US ..

This company was originally established in 2000 to promote the release of sinus nasal spray Xlear Care, which became a perfect example of the quality and performance you expect from your line. In fact, its remedies and treatments are as effective and natural that are widely recommended for children as well.

Dr. Alonzo H Jones is responsible for bringing these products to the forefront of health industries and food. Its original goal was to find a remedy to help their patients suffering from irritation of the upper respiratory tract. His research shows how Xylitol has improved oral health. However, its focus was on the effect that xylitol had on the bacteria, which was an important factor in respiratory infection he saw. With multiple clinical studies, which slowly expanded its repertoire of products for all ages.

Xlear Product Types

Xlear Xylitol brings a number of different products, helping to take care of your breasts, clean teeth, or change the amount of sugar you put in your body. The first of many products Xlear was his nasal spray, and the company has blossomed from there. These types of products are recommended by many doctors in a variety of specialties. Some types of physicians using xylitol in their daily products include:

  • Dentists
  • doctor
  • ear, nose, throat and specialists
  • general health professionals

When ordering your products, your purchase is subject to a shipping fee of $ 4.99 flat rate. However, if your purchase exceeds $ 30, you can earn free shipping and handling.

to obtain a clearer understanding of what Xlear can do for you, here’s a little more about each of the categories of products they offer.

Xlear sinus Care

Care System sinus Xlear involves all Xlear products that help with sinus conditions. Its products are able to address issues that include nasal congestion, allergies , and other contaminants that meets every day. By cleansing and moisturizing sinus, Xlear product line can help transform the way treat nasal problems .

Each product is made with simple ingredients, leaving out uncomplicated and artificial concoctions that can irritate the sinuses even more. None of the products contain addictive substances, which is useful when you need to treat a recurring theme of the breast. In fact, the only ingredients of the basic formula for the nasal spray are water, xylitol, salt, and grapefruit seed extract.

The main product of this line is the nasal spray, which can be used again and again without overloading your breasts. At this time, Xlear is the only breast care system containing this active ingredient. The only real difference between multiple products is the size, which fits the age of the consumer.

This is one of the safest for children suffering from nasal congestion remedies, since the formula is safe and natural. The solution helps increase moisture in the breast, reducing the risk of dryness and nosebleeds during infusion breast or other related ailments. Some of the best selling products in this category include:

  • nasal spray for adults ($ 14.99)
  • Netipot System ($ 14.99)
  • nasal spray child ($ 6.99)

Spry Dental Defense

Although the company began as a simple nasal spray, which were soon able to extend the benefits of xylitol to include dental care. system biggest claim to fame dental defense involves the inclusion of xylitol in your toothpaste , which helps offset the mint flavor and helps prevent cavities.

This product line Xlear uses natural sweetener xylitol to help promote saliva production, which is necessary to continually moisturize the mouth of a climate of oral health. The gum tissue and tongue require a certain level of hydration, which is achieved when there is a healthy balance of saliva in the mouth.

Many dentists enjoy the natural benefits of these formulas, which is supported by a variety of studies showing cleaning effect of xylitol toothpaste. Even a few months of treatment of teeth with this ingredient can completely change the environment of your mouth. Some of the best selling products in this category include:

  • Xylitol Mint Gum ($ 9.49 for 100 pieces)
  • Natural Cool Mint Mouthwash ($ 6.99)
  • Berry Blast xylitol mints ($ 10.99 for 240 mints)

Natural sweetener

xylitol is known for its sweetening capabilities, so it is not Xlear wonder that uses it as a natural sweetener in many ways. The average American eats its weight in sugar every year, which is obvious to a million problems you may face, from their weight and sugar levels in the blood catalyst.

Xylitol is considered a sugar alcohol, which is typically found in many fruits and vegetables. There should be no surprise that is used to naturally sweeten your food. Luckily, cooking with this sweetener is actually relatively easy, requiring little or no adjustment to achieve sugarless recipes are still delicious. Some of the best selling products in this category include:

  • Lite and sweet ($ 9.95 for a bag 1 pound)
  • XyloSweet ($ 7.99 per bag 1 pound)
  • Sugar maple Hickory barbecue sauce ($ 5.99)

Contact Xlear

to learn more about the products and formulas behind Xlear brand, it has several communication methods that can be used. The most direct way to reach someone is through the phone, either 877-599-5327 (toll free) or 801-492-2100 (801-492-2100).

If you prefer contact through messages, you can send your inquiry to the company by filling in the form online. There is no indication to determine how long it will wait for a response.


Xlear makes many products in the healthcare industry that are sugar and safe for children. A affordable and sustainable availability, there is no reason why these products should not be making their way into your home.

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