Wrap Your Feet in Cabbage Leaves and See the Surprising Results!

cabbage leaves have been used for centuries for swelling ulcers , sprains and strains. have used their anti-inflammatory properties treat joint pain due to arthritis and sports injuries.

Although the evidence is more anecdotal than medicinal, many arthritis sufferers reduce their medical use by adding cabbage leaves for treatment. How they have used cabbage? As a wrap!

cabbage leaves for gout

Many gout sufferers say, this remedy simple home reduces or eliminates pain drop. All you need to do is keep some frozen cabbage leaves in a plastic bag in the freezer.

When the drop occurs, perform, arrange around the affected area, wrap a towel around them and let the heat of your skin thaw naturally.

If the theory is correct, chemicals that combat the drop in the cabbage penetrate the skin and deposits of crystals are dissolved. If not, the frozen leaves soothe the inflamed area anyway ( 1 ).

cabbage leaves for joint pain

In a Swiss hospital patients rheumatoid arthritis have their swollen joints night wrapped in cabbage leaves to help reduce joint swelling and pain.

cabbages work best. Take some leaves, cut the midrib, lay them flat on a cutting board and bash with a rolling pin until juices begin to leave.

Then place the leaves on swollen joints and wrap a gauze bandage around the joint to keep the leaves in place ( 2 ).

cabbage leaves for swollen feet treatment

Super leaves white or green cabbage in the freezer until cool, but still flexible. Wrap around your swollen feet and sit with your feet up for 30 minutes. Cabbage has excellent water absorption qualities and remove excess fluid in the feet ( 3 )

Warning :. It is rare to experience an allergy to cabbage, but if you have any swelling or itching where the poultice of cabbage is place, remove the leaves immediately. Consult a health professional if irritation persists or worsens

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