Worry No More, The Weight Loss Injection Is Here!


What does being fat, even today means? To have 5, 10, 20 or 150 kilograms of excess? People are confused, the food is full of calories and chemistry, magazines and the Internet are flooded with tips and diets that claim to know a quick and easy way to lose weight.

Much less for photos of celebrities, terror young and healthy eating.

However, the solution is very soon: the leading English scientists believe that in 10 years, maybe, obesity will no longer be a problem, thanks to the injection of hormones that are working at this time, you will have the same effect as the gastric bypass …

It is known that gastric bypass successfully cure obesity, and along with it and type 2 diabetes related, which drastically reduces appetite and speeds up weight loss. A major reason for the change in appetite is just hormones.

When the patient undergoes gastric bypass boiled food passes through the digestive tract releasing a different mix of hormones, and these hormones are able to deceive the patient’s brain so it is thought that is not hungry.

However, surgical treatment of obesity is very expensive, and one of the 500 patients were exposed to mortal danger. As a result, this operation is usually not covered by any health insurance, so the installation of gastric bypass however, is not an easy way to control the epidemic of obesity.

The investigation found that obese people have low levels of hormones that sends signals to the brain telling it to stop eating.

Therefore Sir Steve Bloom, a professor of medicine at Imperial College London and his team developed a good cocktail of three hormones – OXM, PYY and GLP-1 and believe that with your help, obesity will become a thing From the past .

ensures that these injections are painless, safe, cheap and freely available.

the question arises: whether an injection of hormones can mimic the effects of gastric bypass without surgery? Scientists from Imperial College conducted a precision experiment, it seems that this cocktail of hormones can actually have the same effects and make the brain think the body is satrated.

In the tests, two overweight men receiving this injection and a huge plateful of chicken curry over supermarket.

Both ate about 280 calories less and then said they do not feel hungry.

Study participants, after administration of the injection ate a third less food at each meal.

By now, the patient is supposed to receive the injection before each meal, but scientists hope to succeed to develop its lasting effect.

hope that a decade would be enough, and that this unusual solution in the treatment of obesity will soon become reality.

Source: http://nmd.mk/selectedarticle.aspx?cid=21447&scID=2490&l=63#cpage=3

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