World Pneumonia Day 2019: 4 quick and effective home remedies to relieve the symptoms of pneumonia

Pneumonia Day: If the symptoms of pneumonia cause you difficulties, you can try these home remedies that offer relief from cough, congestion, chest pain, fever and other symptoms of pneumonia. Try these home remedies for pneumonia in addition to the treatment recommended by your doctor.


  1. Try gargling with salt water to reduce cough and sore throat
  2. Having coffee with turmeric milk to relieve chest pain
  3. Warm compress may lower the fever caused by pneumonia

World pneumonia day: the symptoms of pneumonia can be controlled with some quick and effective home remedies. These remedies cannot treat pneumonia, but they can definitely help curb your symptoms. On the occasion of World Pneumonia Day today, November 12, we are going to talk about some effective home remedies that can help control the symptoms of pneumonia. These remedies do not replace medications and other treatment measures recommended by the doctor. They can be used as complementary therapies that can improve symptoms and also speed up the recovery process. Read on for some effective home remedies to control cough, chest pain, headaches, fever and other pneumonia symptoms.

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Pneumonia Day 2019: how to control the symptoms of pneumonia at home

1. Gargle with salt water: This is the only effective remedy for sore throat, sore throat, constant cough and other symptoms caused by pneumonia. Take half a glass of warm water and add a pinch of salt. Gargle several times a day to relieve cough and other symptoms. Ginger tea, lemon tea and ginger honey and tulsi tea are other effective home remedies to control cough and congestion.


Gargling with salt water can help reduce cough and sore throat caused by pneumonia
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2. Turmeric tea or coffee with milk for chest pain: The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can be effective in curbing the symptoms of pneumonia, such as chest pain. Traditional haldi doodh or coffee with turmeric milk can also increase your immunity and accelerate the pneumonia recovery process. You can also make turmeric tea by adding ingredients such as honey, lemon and turmeric in hot water, to relieve chest pain.

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3. Warm compress for fever: This remedy can be useful in case you have a fever. Take a small towel, soak it in warm water and make a compress of warm water on your forehead. Repeat as many times as you want.


Warm compress may help lower fever
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4. Hot fluids for chills: Experiencing chills is a common symptom of pneumonia. Drinking hot liquids, hot water, vegetables or chicken soup can help control the chills caused by pneumonia.

These simple but effective remedies can relieve the symptoms of pneumonia and help you recover quickly. Be sure not to give up or commit to the treatment recommended by your doctor.

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