World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

October 10 [of ap is the World Mental Health Day . Is a very important festival for people worldwide to honor defender educate and raise awareness to. For most of our adult lives mental health has been swept under the carpet, but a new generation of defenders is bringing to light. Let me explain why it is an important holiday and why it should be honored.

World Mental Health Day

We all called out of work for a “mental health day ‘. You’d be lying if you said who has never done that. the work can be stressful and sometimes our personal lives is updated for us too. When I was working and going to school full time, you would need a mental health day to just sleep and relax after an examination or completion of a trial. I did not know who was among those who need mental health day.

Mental health has to do with our psychological well-being. we live in a society where we have to do everything and please everyone around us and then forget about ourselves. sometimes you have to remember to do something that makes you happy for their own welfare. quite often this may not be enough for their psychological well-being and that’s how Day World Mental Health comes into play.

often think that if you feel stressed and our world is falling apart around us that we are crazy; there is something wrong with us. The truth is that we just need to step back and realize that sometimes can not control everything around us. We mourn, we cry, we have the anger and sadness out of us. This is a good thing that people need to feel the emotion. Walking through numbed no way to live.

Adolescents, all adolescents and adults are susceptible to mental health. If you live your life, then you are likely to have these problems. school-age children are bullying and exams, while adults still have exams and pressure from employers and family life. Face it, it is something that is with us until the day of death and we need to talk about it rather than ignore it.

I feel like the Dukes of Cambridge are the perfect advocates to bring the light of awareness of mental health. They want the world to see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help from either a phone line or a counselor to talk about what is happening in their lives. They want the next generation to know it’s a good idea to seek help too. They want their children to have more opportunities than they had with awareness of mental health . They are spreading awareness in the UK, but his message is heard worldwide.

You are probably wondering how you can do your part? It starts at home and in schools. Discuss with your family the importance of World Mental Health Day and to spread awareness. Look for the director of your child and ask them what the school is doing in honor of the party. Tell the director why he thinks is important and ways in which children can learn about mental health and how to overcome obstacles that may arise in life.

You can also write an article for your local newspaper indicating what world Mental Health Day means to you and your family. Discuss what is a global phenomenon that has become because of the press around the world and how you want infect your own neighborhood. Everyone seems to follow the Cambridge of what to include in your article. They are emphasizing that in his country, so you should highlight in your area. Editors love to publish articles about other people’s opinions so you should put all your efforts in this article and go for it.

So in conclusion discuss with your family the importance of World Mental Health Day . Tell them what it means to you and how you expect to shed more light on the situation. They know that it is perfectly normal to call a mental health day. We prefer to take one when you need it instead of waiting too late and they need more help

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