Woman Captures Laboring Mom And Firstborn Daughter Saying ‘Goodbye’

Preparing for a new baby is always an exciting time for families. It is full of nerves, anticipation, and of course a lot of joy.

However, for families who are preparing for their second child, which is a particularly emotional moment. It’s not like the first baby, of course. This time, it is not another emotional layer that many people on the outside do not realize, and is one that is more complex than might look on the surface.

Breaking the news that the family will expand can be quite complicated, because parents never know what might be the reaction, as shown by the reactions of these older brothers to news of a new baby .


maternity and photographer born Laura Paulescu, however, captured a deeply emotional moment between mother and daughter just before the mother was to be induced.

The mother holds her daughter tight, and although it is a celebration of a new baby, but also marks the last time your daughter will be an only child. In a few hours, it will become a big sister.

Paulescu, however, loves to capture all the complexities and unique interactions of families welcome a new addition, including sweet and sour.

See some of his other thoughtful, beautiful and heartfelt photos of families during this special time, too.

Photographer captures Laura Paulescu families in the moments before, during and after childbirth.

His photographs cover the moments of contemplation, calm, like this, and the raw emotion and energy of the actual birth process.

But it is also sure to include interactions and emotions that pass between family members, like this beautiful but bittersweet moment between the expectant mother and her first child.

The moment is beautiful because it embraces the joy of a growing family, but also the sadness that this stage, the stage at which the child is the only one, has come to an end.

In this case, the mother takes a moment to acknowledge this step, and holds her first closing child.

Paulescu has a talent for capturing the link between parents and children, but also has the ability to capture the early stages of the bond between brothers.

Sometimes you catch even before the baby even arrives!

She also knows that sometimes, a first baby is not always the human species.

This family expressed love for his dog, long his only “baby”, before going to deliver her first child.

And after that moment of bittersweet, as the family dynamics change?

So is all joy and new meetings!

The relations between these children will grow and evolve in all sorts of ways, many of which can not be foreseen.

Paulescu captures the first moments of these trips, and they are wonderful.

But like the image of the mother and child, but also cover the different feelings that come with a new addition, as a curiosity, fear, and the new adventure of being on a different paper suddenly in the family.

Source: www.healthcarechecker.com

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