With These Tricks Your Feet Will Never Smell Bad Again!

The unpleasant foot odor can actually cause discomfort, not only for you, but also those in your company.

However, the smell can be prevented with fragrant and nice bathrooms they can be easily prepared. And what’s better than are good for the feet.

rosemary and sage bath


– a tablespoon dried rosemary, and half a teaspoon of dried sage

Fill the container with hot water to which a plant is added. Let cool slightly and soak your feet twice a day for half an hour.

Lemon and soda bath

is required:

-. a quarter cup of baking soda, eight cups of water, juice of a lemon

Combine all ingredients with warm water and soak your feet in , 15 -. 20 minutes

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com

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