Will Stopping an Antiperspirant Cause Bad Rebound Body Odor?

Who would have imagined that antiperspirants could change the ecology of the bacteria that live in our armpits? It turns out that antiperspirants can change the balance of our microbiome to a species that produces some unpleasant body odor. This reader shares a fascinating story:

P I work in cancer research. About ten years ago, most women in my office decided to stop using antiperspirant because of the uncertainty of adverse health effects.

We’ve all had strikingly similar experiences. Most of us immediately had increased perspiration and smelly gradually decreasing over a year. Frequent use towel under arm and add the baking powder underarm based refreshments for meetings.

Fortunately, after spending the period of rebound, had virtually no problems. We have experienced normal sweat production without unusual smell.

Antiperspirant suspect rebound is like so many other problems caused by living in the era of chemistry: a problem is solved in the short term, but makes a long-term be


A. His story surprised us. We are familiar with rebound congestion after stopping decongestant nasal spray or rebound hyperacidity and heartburn after discontinuing acid-suppressing drugs. We never imagined that end after removal of antiperspirants.

what scientists identified in the armpits

We have found, however, that some researchers have actually studied this question. They found that using antiperspirants change the balance of bacteria in the armpits ( PeerJ February 2, 2016 ). According to a scientist, antiperspirants stimulate the growth of Actinobacteria that create unpleasant odors ( Archives of Dermatological Research October 2014 ).

An article in Washington Post entitled “Antiperspirants can really make you smell worse” by Terrence McCoy reported that:

“Today more than 90 percent of Americans use some form of cosmetic armpit, creating a bonanza deodorant worldwide worth $ 18 billion.”

“But what if part of that industry is based on the idea that smells fishy?”

“New research published in Archives of Dermatological Research suggests that antiperspirants actually increase the levels of the odorous bacteria that populate the armpit, which” could lead to an alteration, more unpleasant underarm odor, lead author Chris Callewaert of Ghent University in Belgium to the Washington post in an email. ‘Deodorants were usually not really a problem.’ ‘Antiperspirants should not improve odor-causing bacteria, but rather’ ox ‘to a micro biome not cause odor. “

The body odor rebound Problem:

Stopping an antiperspirant seems to promote bacterial growth This could explain the body rebound smell cancer researcher and colleagues. experienced.

most people would never think that their antiperspirant could actually be doing bad body odor aggravated by the change in the population of bacteria that live in the armpit to what Chris Callewaert described as “smelly substance.” what this means is that every time you stop using a deodorant odor is enough to get right back on the bandwagon. what a perfect guarantee for continued use .

the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants.

antiperspirants, by law, must contain aluminum salts FDA requires cosmetics companies include a significant amount of aluminum before that a company can advertise its product as an antiperspirant. That’s because aluminum changes the physiology of cells in the armpit. a drug is considered instead of a cosmetic. When connecting and inflammation of sweat glands, sweat is reduced. The FDA would never think to ask about changes in the bacterial ecology of the armpit, as a result of aluminum.

Deodorants are often products containing fragrance to try to cover up body odor. That’s why we were so surprised to learn from one of our readers that milk of magnesia (MoM) did a great unscented deodorant. Milk of magnesia is magnesium hydroxide. It’s a great antacid and is also a laxative. But we have also found that it is a great deodorant. We do not know how it works; we only know that an incredible job done without causing irritation sometimes aluminum.

Reader Stories:

Anna in Houston says mom is great:

“I’ve been using MoM for more than two years. I switched to lower antiperspirants containing aluminum. I live in Houston, TX, where it is very hot six months a year and sweat a lot. This works great! Odorless. “

Michael in Georgia confirms:

“I’m a grown man who sweat excessively I also get breakouts that itch in my armpits I saw these things and doubted its effectiveness finally decided to give… an opportunity, not expecting much.

“We ordered a bottle and after testing, I am convinced of its effectiveness. No more B.O. and red irritation are gone. I’m sold. Not trying to sell this or I write comments. Just say it works for me. I just want others to win with my experience “

Here is a video to explain our experience with MoM.

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