Will Magnesium Lower Cholesterol?

P ‘ve always had high cholesterol and have been taking pravastatin for a couple of years. I could not get my cholesterol down until I added 250 mg of magnesium daily.

past my test results showed total cholesterol 183, HDL 54, LDL and triglycerides in 99 151. This success is due to magnesium?

A. There is evidence suggesting that greater magnesium intake may be associated with blood pressure and cholesterol ( Hypertension Research , online, October 30, 2014 ). Note that excess magnesium causes diarrhea. For some people, there would be more than 300 mg / day, while others can tolerate doses at least twice that amount.

Lowering cholesterol with diet

There are many foods that can be added to your regimen that would be beneficial, such as flaxseed oats nuts and avocados . Even the addition of cinnamon or vinegar to your meals can be surprisingly useful.

Reduce consumption of carbohydrates, especially sugar and white flour, would help lower your triglycerides even more. So would a f ish oil supplement . We have a video on how to eat your way to lower cholesterol that you might want to see.

dietary approaches are discussed in detail, along with other strategies to reduce cardiovascular risk factors in our Guidelines for controlling cholesterol and heart health.

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