Will Extra Testosterone Help or Hurt the Heart?

The FDA has warned men that taking extra testosterone may increase the risk of heart attacks and accidents cerebrovascular, but a new study of 755 men showed that testosterone were actually less prone to heart attacks, strokes or death.

extra testosterone is bad for the heart:

If you get whiplash of conflicting health holders would not blame you. Several years ago (July 8, 2010) we were told that older men men with low T who used topical testosterone gel had more mobility along with increased arm and leg strength, but the off trade it was an increased risk of cardiovascular complications including heart attacks ( New England Journal of Medicine July 8, 2010 ). This small study was stopped prematurely due to adverse cardiac and vascular problems.

No wait, extra testosterone is good for the heart

A couple of years later learned that replacement therapy testosterone ( TRT ) was useful for patients with heart failure ( the lack of circulation of the heart , May 1, 2012 ). We have learned that the extra testosterone improves exercise capacity and “seems to be a promising therapy to improve functional capacity of patients with HF [heart failure].”

stop … More testosterone is really bad for the heart:

After a few years the answer seemed clear: testosterone replacement therapy was really bad for the heart. The researchers assessed the risk of heart attack in large groups of men. Veterans cardiac catheterization and who had received a prescription for testosterone were apparently more likely to die or end up in the hospital of a heart attack or stroke over the next three years ( Magazine the Medical Association of America , November 6, 2013 ).

Another study followed 55,000 men who had received the TRT. The researchers compared the number of nonfatal myocardial this group experienced before and after they received a prescription for testosterone ( PLOS One January 29, 2014 ). TRT older men were about twice as likely to have a heart attack.

Never Mind: Testosterone does not increase heart attacks:

is your brain turning somersaults? We are not surprised. On 9 July 2014 a study was published in the journal Annals of Pharmacotherapy . More than 25,000 Medicare eligible older men were studied during a time interval of eight years. 6,000 received a prescription testosterone during that period. These gentlemen were compared with approximately 19,000 men who received T. There was no increased risk of hot flashes in men who get extra testosterone. In any case, the men who were at a particularly high risk of heart problems seemed to have a lower risk of heart attack if they got TRT.

The FDA says the extra testosterone is beyond the reach of many men:

Despite conflicting data that the FDA has made it very clear that taking testosterone to “low T” it is verboten unless a man has a serious medical condition as a disorder of the testes, pituitary or brain. If, and only if a man can not produce adequate testosterone due to such a serious condition should be allowed to get a prescription for TRT. states FDA that low T is caused by aging not reasonable for this type of prescription cause. The FDA also warns that TRT raises cardiovascular risks such as “an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or death.”

But wait, there’s more good news about the extra testosterone:

Another study published in New England Journal of Medicine (February 18 , 2016) suggests that testosterone supplements with prescription AndroGel improving sexual function and mood. And research in European Heart Journal (October 21, 2015) as concluded that the normalization of the levels of the hormone testosterone additional lowered risk of attacks heart, strokes and premature death.

The latest update of extra testosterone:

Okay, we know that your head is spinning. TRT does help or hurt the heart? Well, the last word is not in but a study presented at the American College of Cardiology meeting April 2-4, 2016 Chicago, which offered an additional good news to the pro-T perspective.

Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center randomly assigned 755 men with severe heart disease to receive different doses of testosterone or placebo. Men treated with placebo had more cardiovascular events than testosterone. We believe it is even more interesting than men receiving higher doses of T had the under likely to have a heart attack or stroke.


The latest research suggests that when testosterone is administered to normalize hormone levels in men who will not increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes and may even reduce the risk of such cardiovascular events.

Now you could anticipate that the FDA would be very interested in new research and might consider softening its warning. Maybe that will happen, but would not hold your breath. Meanwhile, it is suggested that men work with their healthcare professionals to find the safest and most appropriate way to proceed if they have low testosterone levels. You can listen to our audio podcast streaming “To promote natural testosterone” for free at this link .

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