Wild Diet Book – Does Abel James’ Diet Help Burn Fat?

The wild Diet James Abel has a 40-day program that promises to help people lose a lot of weight. Based on the reputation of its author, the book has collected a major publisher and is now enjoying rapid sales and tons of popularity.

Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

About burning fat man; Abel James

The “company” is really just Abel James, his publicist, and a major publishing house. Mr. James goes by another name: “Man burns fat.” This is related to the show with the same name, of which he is famous.

The Fat-Burning Man Show gets half a million downloads per month and at one point was the number one on the list ranted download iTunes Health. From 2012 to 2014 it was ranked in the top 10 of all downloads of audio and video podcasts.

More evidence of success for Mr. James comes in the form of 125,000 visitors per month (unique visitors, btw), plus an enviable list of 35,000 email. Most people, of course, are also its customers.

His health program is top rated show health more than a handful of countries. He also created an application called cooking the caverns Party, who beat Angry Birds and applications Food Network in its debut. 1,000 won 5 star reviews for the application in only 24 hours. Chalk it up to the impeccable marketing their products but must have at least a modicum of merit. Those are some pretty good stats!

But James Abels credentials are they?

Here is the impressive list, showing that he knows about weight loss and eat healthy foods from a personal perspective as well as a scientific point of view:

– a graduate of Dartmouth as a distinguished honors (a very big deal) member. His research? Brain science, music and outdoor activities. The resulting book became a bestseller # 1 Amazon.

– He lectures on the elite circuit, which means for Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League universities and the federal government. Advice for Microsoft? Fact!

– Abel itself was quite thick and unhealthy at a time in the past. He made his weight (and blood pressure) with the precursor of the wild diet that is selling now. He also cured his insomnia digestive problems , handles acne and love with this diet he created.

Fat-Burning Man

The Diet wild is a hardcover book, an audio program, and an electronic book. Whatever you choose literature, the message remains the same :. Whole foods, natural foods, fresh air, and eating well are the basic ingredients for a body to burn fat that looks and feels great

The diet plan is flexible, easy, pleasant and healthy . No pills, no counting calories, no hunger, and no gimmicks here in the wild diet. And people eat this: Abel says that human beings are wired to live a life of luxury and eat good food. Reducing caloric intake is not always the best way to lose weight, and no one should be he or she starves.

Love so far!

His nutrition plan includes these features and more:

– Eat whole foods

– avoid processed foods

– Put foods that are released at the top of your list of what’s on the menu every day

– eat this way can reverse negative side effects of eating poorly for many years

the diet of the great Wild scores of all websites selling books. Amazon 141 comments he scored a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Head over Audible.com, the largest market for audio books, and the book of Mr. James has 142 rankings with a score of 4.7 out of 5.

The verdict on plan wild diet

the wild diet plan is very similar to Paleo diet . Mr. Abel admits that the Paleo-inspired plan is, after all, what is the difference? The popularity of the book can be found in the fact that James Abel is pure marketing gold. People already love their show Man burns fat, and I’m pretty impressed with their credentials.

The only drawback to this book of wild diet is cost. In almost $ 50 a pop, this is an expensive book. Compared with a “diet plan” however, and the cost it seems quite low, and very much worth it.

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