Why You Shouldn’t Use (Most) Commercial Formula

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By Danielle , contributing writer

After three consultants hired breastfeeding, and the help of many friends, I was tired of trying to breastfeed. I knew it was best for my baby, and I knew it was best for me. But my son would not breastfeed. I kept trying to breast, trying every suggestion of friends and advisers.

Looking back, I would have looked more help, but no options, and knowing that mom was better, took me pumped full time (sigh with me here). Since I was not really breastfeeding , my supply decreased considerably when my son started walking, and I had to look elsewhere supplementation.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, breastfeeding is not like we want it. Although breast milk contains all Vitamins , minerals, proteins, and immune boosting ingredients you need our child, it is sometimes necessary supplement for a short period of time, or until the child is on solid. This is painful for mothers who had their hearts set on breastfeeding , and looking for alternative options add injury to insult. Although breast is the best, by the formula supplementation it is sometimes necessary.

You can also supplement with milk from another mother, or create your own formula Some of these suggestions are below, but we will first plunge into the path typical -. Formula. Although there are more natural and organic formulas available today, including those that may contain elements that do not want your newborn to consume. However, all (non-organic) commercial infant formulas contain additives and unpleasant ingredients that harm the health of your child. Let’s delve into those in detail.

Although there are a handful of options, which are listed below, commercial formula is not one of them. At least not a healthy one.

formula for commercial, such as Nestle, Similac and Enfamil baby contains a lot of toxins that are unhealthy for your baby. Your first meal should be nutritious, but instead is full of chemicals known to damage the digestive tract and hinder the development of your baby. I know that at this point, a new mother is exhausted and a new change or decisions that can throw on the edge (of the bed are no longer seen).

Why should not use (more) Commercial formula

Here are some reasons why you should choose a natural alternative:


most commercial formulas are mostly soy and corn ingredients (by-products) are modified genetically. In addition, corn or GM soybeans also sprayed several times during growth with pesticides. OMG damage the intestine and interrupt your child’s immune system .

toxic oils

cheap oils added to the commercial formula are treated with neurotoxic solvents such as hexane. The toxicity of hydrogenated oils and processed is increasingly in the spotlight as one of the greatest threats to our health. These oils are highlighted as themes in processed foods, so why are they put in baby formula?

Too {bad} Sugar

Baby formula manufacturers do not have to put your Sugar contained in the label (which makes you wonder, huh?). Furthermore, the type of Sugar in these products is genetically modified, which causes disruption of the intestine and possibly leading to a problem of blood sugar too early in life.

synthetic Vitamins and Minerals

synthetic Vitamins and minerals are not properly processed worldwide, and for some, are really toxic. You can ensure that this formula is created with vitamins and minerals available and chemically manufactured cheaper, which are not only not used by the body of her baby, become toxic when digested. Instead of absorbing the vitamins and minerals your little key daily demand, these synthetic substances bind and block the receptors, where the real vitamins and minerals could attach. This creates a double threat of malnutrition.

Hormones and antibiotics

Cow’s milk is used in the commercial formula derived from routinely treated with high doses of antibiotics and hormones cows.

evil processed

The chemicals used to process baby formula in mass quantities. High heat is used to create the product, which makes the makings of toxic concoctions. There have also been major research on the safety and cleanliness of the plants that process these formulas.

The case against commercial formula is clear: .. It’s not safe or healthy for our children There are natural options that are healthier alternatives to commercial formula, although

Why You Shouldn't Use (Most) Commercial Formula
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Natural Options Better

Raw Organic goat milk

goat’s milk, cow’s milk above, is more like the protein composition of human milk. Look for a farmer in your area, get a goat, or buy organic goat milk powder . There is also infant formula goat milk base.

homemade formula

A recipe for Weston A. Price foundatio n formula can make healthy, homemade for your growing baby. Although it takes more time to do a quickie formula, all food benefits are innumerable.

Formula Organic

Not all organic formulas are created equal. Read the label and research the ingredients, even if it is organic. Do not be afraid to try a couple of ways to see what agrees with your child.

Donor Milk

There is a large network of mothers with (crazy, I know!) Extra milk. You can ask your circles, close friends, and even his crusty pediatrician. The group Human Milk 4 Human Babies is also engaged with some breasts to give to mothers who are in need.

Finding the right alternative breast milk is difficult during a busy time in your life. is important to take the time to research beforehand what natural alternatives are if it should be necessary complement . Also, make sure you have a lactation consultant in the call before his birth, and join La Leche League at the same time pregnant for important tips on breastfeeding and to make connections with moms ideas related that can help out in a time of need. does not feel like a failure because you can not breastfeed or have to supplement. Keep your wits about you, keep trying to breastfeed, and researching all alternatives of supplementation.

Have you had to use baby formula? How has found a healthy substitute for commercial formula?

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