Why You Should Not Drink Water With Ice When Is Hot Outside?

all seek refreshment on hot summer days.

A glass of ice water sounds like a good idea, but it really is not good at all.

is likely to doubt this view and think that it is illogical, but the icy water will bring the opposite effect of what you expect.

How water ice affects the body?

Our body uses more energy to regulate body temperature during the digestion process and the process of absorption of food and nutrients. In this process, the body loses water and consumes much energy for additional heating of the body as a result of cold water.

The cold water slows digestion, constricts blood vessels and decreases the hydration of the body.

By drinking frozen drinks after a meal, there are great chances of catching a cold, even in summer. This habit also affects the increased secretion of saliva and reduced immunity.

drink water at room temperature Practice. You will notice a dramatic improvement in digestion and feel better while eating and after the meal.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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