Why You Should Never Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket

MOST people these days are practically glued to their smartphones – and would be very difficult to give it up

But there is a reason why you should put some distance between himself and his phone

researchers who have been studying .. the effects of mobile phone radiation for many years, has warned that his mobile phone you can do more harm than good. “

Apart from being fragile, smartphones are also constantly emitting radiation and heat, so keep your smartphone super close to you may even be a danger to . security

Moreover, carry cell phones whenever it is believed to be caused some health ailments long, such as:

1. Kill the sperm

As we all know that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation that are harmful body. Keeping it in the pocket and use it regularly can cause brain cancer tumors and damage sperm.

2. Destroy the sense

Regular cell phone use is not safe for human body because it could cause serious brain damage. Therefore, it is good to use a Bluetooth hands-free set, etc like- for communication.

Otherwise the radiation emitted by entering the brain directly could cause severe mental disorder.

3. Risk for children

People who expose their children to the issue of mobile phone at an early age, are 50 percent more likely to have a child with behavior problems.

always maintain a certain distance between electronic and children.

The best thing to do is try to limit the time you spend in your gadget as much as possible.

Learn to keep your mobile device from your pocket or anywhere close to your body as it can damage the reproductive and endocrine system.

Better to put in your bag or anywhere where it will not be close to your body.

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