Why Sugar Is Called “The White Death” and The Sugar Cancer Connection

As good as it may taste, sugar is NO his friend. You can “feel” like your friend when you comfort, but sugar is actually his ENEMY .

Truthfully, regular consumption of sugary foods is one of the worst things you can do for your health . Modern scientific research has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that sugar in food is having devastating effects on their health.

Various types of sugar

Take a look at the trends in consumption of sugar in the last 300 years:

  • in 1700, the average person consumes about 4 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1800, the average person consumes about 18 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1900, individual consumption had increased to 90 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 2012, more than 50% of all Americans consume 1/2 pound of sugar per day – which translates into a whopping 180 pounds of sugar per year

in 1890, only 3 people per 100,000 had diabetes. In 2012, almost 8,000 out of 100,000 people was diagnosed diabetes!

Creating our sugar addiction

The “sugar rush” has targeted our children. American children are consuming about 10 times as much sugar as they were in 1900. Especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is the average calorie source! Highly addictive HFCS contains fructose and glucose, but are not bonded together so the body does not break it down. Therefore, fructose is absorbed immediately goes directly to the liver, making it fat.

But just because you avoid HFCS does not mean that you are in the clear. Excess intake of all sugars and processed results in immune function, obesity, diabetes compromised.

And if that’s not enough, consider that sugar is highly addictive!

turns out that the sweet taste of sugar is more rewarding than the high of cocaine.

You see, sugar produces dopamine – a happy, feel good chemical – in the brain. People become addicted to sugar consumption. On the need to feel “normal” and undergoing “withdrawal” if they cut sugar from your diet. If you go “dry” for a few days, the brain begins to produce dopamine itself. The discomfort of the withdrawal process keeps many addicts “sugar” trapped in their addiction.

What is the connection of sugar cancer?

Because the anaerobic respiratory mechanism exhibited by all cancer cells Sugar cancer is the favorite food! And since half of white sugar in the US comes from sugar beets, you should remember that most of beets are genetically modified. This is another reason to stay away from the “white death”.

I personally recommend that you avoid white sugar, brown sugar, agave, and all artificial sweeteners like aspartame / AminoSweet, sucralose, and saccharin. If you have a sweet tooth, it is best to keep 100% pure stevia, xylitol, raw honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, sugar and coconut.

The end result :. If you want to be and stay healthy, you must take control of their sugar intake so the control over you is not required

End the confusion of sugar

  • saccharide = sugar
  • glucose ( “dextrose”), galactose ( “milk sugar”), and fructose ( “fruit sugar”) are all monosaccharides. The main difference between them is the way your body metabolizes. Glucose is a form of energy you were designed to run on. High amounts of fructose are very harmful to the body. If not burned immediately for energy as it moves directly to the liver where it is converted into triglycerides. Simple sugars can be combined to form more complex sugars, such as sucrose ( “table sugar”) is a “disaccharide” composed of 50% glucose and 50% fructose.
  • white sugar “refined” is washed with a syrup solution, then with hot water, clarified to remove impurities, decolorized, concentrated, evaporated, re-boiled until crystals are formed, they centrifuged again to separate, then dry. At this point, any remaining “natural goodness” and “nutritional value” have completely disappeared! Frankly, white sugar should be regarded as an “industrial product” rather than “food”.
  • “brown sugar” is white sugar mixed with molasses.
  • “raw” sugar is not really raw. It has been prepared, and most of the minerals and vitamins are gone. But it is probably a little better than white refined sugar because it has a little of the remaining molasses.
  • Honey is about 50% fructose, but naturally (raw and pasteurized) contains many health benefits. purchase honey that is local and unpasteurized better.
  • Stevia is an extremely sweet herb derived from the leaf of the stevia plant in South America, which is completely safe (in its natural form). green stevia is whole plant, while white stevia is processed and often can contain other ingredients such as natural or dextrose flavors -. a form of sugar
  • agave nectar is made from the agave plant, a cactus. A maple syrup from a tree, or honey from a hive. Only it is not. Agave is HIGHLY processed, while the final product is not even remotely the original agave plant looks like. Moreover, agave is approximately 80% fructose.
  • HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is 55% fructose and 45% glucose. It is mostly genetically modified. Keep away!
  • coconut sugar is made from the sweet watery sap dripping from flower buds cut coconut. It has a low glycemic index (GI) and is rich in amino acids. Is usually less than 10% fructose, sucrose is the primary component.

Source: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/sugar-white-death/

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