Why Obese kids are not intelligent and grow old to become diabetic; you can prevent it

The obesity rate that worries public health officials because obesity is linked to diabetes, hypertension, depression and inflammation in children -. All of which can increase the risk of cognitive impairment as an adult

Now, research suggests that damage to the brain may begin before obese children by weakening their attention and memory. Growing evidence suggests that being overweight or obese and have a diet high in sugar and saturated fat can also lead to changes in the brain that make it difficult to control the impulses of children, so it is more difficult to resist eating.

The effects of obesity on the brain and overall health of adults has been well characterized; on the contrary, remains largely unknown impact of obesity on brain health in childhood. The problem is that the human brain develops rather quickly during the early years of life; in particular, the hippocampus and frontal lobes are responsible for learning and memory and higher cognitive functions continue to grow and develop during this critical period. Diet and metabolic status during this time period could affect cognitive function during the rest of the child’s life.

Research suggests that obese children have more health problems and are absent from school more often, tend to come from families of lower socioeconomic status, and face a social stigma, all factors that can affect academic performance. Animal studies, however, reinforce the evidence that obesity changes young brains, and studies in children have so far analyzed similar cognitive functions.

You can follow these methods to prevent childhood obesity!

encourage healthy eating habits. Small changes can lead to a recipe for success!

make favorite dishes healthier.

Remove temptations rich in calories.

Help your children understand the benefits of physical activity

help children stay active.

Reducing sedentary time

The practice of mindfulness can increase response inhibition and decrease impulsivity. Mindfulness has been used to stimulate healthy responses to everyday adversities, although some studies have tested its use in the area of ​​healthy eating or weight loss in children.

must invest more in physical education so that children are more fit and less likely to have insulin resistance, which is the main driver of these changes in the brain.

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