Why men over 60 are more attractive to women

By: Karen Hawthorne, MA | General Health | Saturday, November 29, 2014 – 5:01 a.m.

health, men, health, men Michael Douglas is 70 years young. The Oscar-winning actor has battled cancer, alcoholism and family hardships throat, but has worked well, he says, and no wonder.

He is an older man. Yes, he is a celebrity with bags of money and married one of the women most vivacious world ever, Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, but I think it is also very much a symbol of the new era of men over 60 . These are the men who have experienced life, conquered fears and gathered through hard knocks.

There is some wisdom and vitality that these men have placed them well above the guys half his age. Those with chiseled pecs and thick luxurious hair in underwear ads for Calvin Klein. Those guys do not measure up.

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simple pleasures of life improve with an older man

what these mature men do not even realize is they have an advantage when it comes to women, since she is the wife has long committed who wanted them for good or ill, or divorcee who is looking for a relationship. She knows that the older man is intelligent life and established, beyond the ravings of wild oats youth and sewing.

What do women want? Companionship, care and respect. Nobody wants to grow old alone. At one point in our lives, most of us come to this realization. In our golden years of higher rank, we want someone to be there for us to share our day.

I can be talking in generalizations, but I think if we all look deep, deep in our hearts, we want a meaningful connection with someone to see through and keep our hand.

These days, I think there are fewer men become grumpy old. They can freely admit, be strong and whiney when a cold or strikes that are battling a stomach virus, but the new man over 60 is much more a product of our health conscious society.

These guys are not out in clubs, buy drinks or girls night out. They are not using recreational drugs or eat takeaway every night of the week. Are more likely those who take care of themselves, practicing in the early morning, getting your vitamin D and fish oil, and in order to sleep seven or eight hours solid. I’ve noticed taller men in my yoga classes every time I go!

When health is a priority …

In recent decades, our understanding of what we eat and drink, what we do to keep our body fit and strong, how to stimulate mentally and thus sexually, he has come a long way. So men who have tuned in this era of self-focus and self-improvement have reaped the benefits. They are fitter, healthier, and live longer than ever before. And that’s pretty darn attractive.

And will not think that older men are not sexually active or ask their doctors for Viagra. An extensive study in 2010 found that men over 75 years remain sexually active and say they would be having more sex.

In this study, researchers examined a survey of nearly 2,800 Australian men who live in nursing homes or other centers of health care. men were asked if they had had sexual activity with a partner, not necessarily intercourse in the past year.

About 49 percent of men aged 75 to 95 considered sex at least “somewhat important.” A little less than 31 percent had had sex with another person at least once during the previous year.

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Do not underestimate the old

When I ran a 5k in Ottawa last year, also they cheered outside the half marathon race my sister. Maybe I should not have been, but I was surprised by the number of male high-level participants in the half marathon. That’s a tough race and yet here these guys were in their glory, sweating tenaciously among the pack, making his way along the route and around the world.

People can be so surprising at times, and that memory has stuck. Do not underestimate the old, ever.

Life expectancy in the US is at its highest point, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 78.7 years in 2011 to 78.8 years in 2012. to put this in perspective profit in 1950 life expectancy was 68.2. He climbed to 76.9 in 2000.

Mortality rates for heart disease, stroke and other diseases have also been reduced, so while we hear of the overwhelming number of people with diabetes , obesity, depression and anxiety, there are other signs that life is good in 2014 and is getting better all the time.

People are living longer, and life expectancy after retirement are much higher. We want our golden years from satisfactory and exciting -. Experience new things, volunteering or consulting, pursue our passions

Why do so many people over skydiving and mountain climbing? Former US president George Bush marked his 90 ap birthday with a parachute jump in Maine in June, with the help of some army veterans. Why? Because I could do it!

Getting your second wind

I think the secret to getting what he wants from life is the realization that what you do now, today, drives your future. It is never too late to try to do something amazing.

At 62, J.R.R. Tolkien published the first volume of his fantasy series Lord of the Rings. At age 65, David jazz artist Miles made his final live album just weeks before his death. At 73, Larry King celebrated its 50th ap years in broadcasting. At 92, the surgeon US Navy retired Paul Spangler completed his 14 ap marathon. The list is endless …

There is much less expectation for the mature man who has to prove himself to anyone, it’s liberating. I’m sure there’s a sense of fearlessness, knowing that these are the days to maximize. Death comes to everyone at some point, and this is not a dress rehearsal.

So hear this, all men worry about their graying hair and crow’s feet: Take it all in stride! We know he’s been around the block and there is no shame in it. Maintain good health habits and poker nights. When it comes to us women, it definitely has the advantage.

Karen Hawthorne is editor in Health and eTalk BelMarraHealth.com. Karen has worked for the National Post, Postmedia News, CBC Radio Vancouver, the Edmonton Journal, the Register of Kitchener-Waterloo and the Cobourg Daily Star, reporting on health news and trends in lifestyle for more than 15 years .

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