Why is junk food bad for you? – 11 reasons

Junk food is food types that are poor dense in calories and nutrition. Junk food are good solutions to help satisfy hunger, provide more nutrients for the demanding needs of the body.

Why is the food bad for you rubbish – the most common reasons:

why is junk food bad

Today day, the business junk food is dominating the food industry in a wide range. a food chain large that creates thousands of job opportunities and affects the diet of people around the world is built. In addition to convenient junk food, but also it has negative effects. The consequences of junk food are terrible although the frequency of it. Why is junk food bad for you? time eating junk food long can cause a lot of chronic diseases. Here are 11 reasons why it is bad junk food for you:

1. Contribute to Type 2 diabetes

why is junk food bad - contribute to type 2 diabetes

type 2 diabetes is the first reason is the bad junk food for you I would like to reveal the whole article today and you and my other readers learn carefully and stop excessive consumption of junk food if you are at high risk for this disease. One of the main factors contributing to the construction of the emerging diabetes is too unhealthy snacks and junk food habit. When you eat a healthy diet, your body will get steady supply of glucose, which works to maintain insulin sensitivity. On the other hand, if you only eat junk food, excessive stress caused by the metabolic process affects the ability to use insulin the body. Moreover, no junk food fiber content is consumed directly. As it will cause an increase in sugar content. Junk foods contain a lot of sugar acts as a preservative. Therefore, the frequent snacks makes it more prone to diabetes. Also, eating junk food can lead to obesity, one of the main reasons leading to insulin resistance and the development of diabetes.

2. Increase the risks of fatigue and weakness

why is junk food bad - increase the risks of fatigue and weakness

fatigue and weakness are other reasons to answer the question why the food is bad for you junk. When the excess weight gain, your body always feels tired. When tired, you feel like eating more. Most people, who love fast food, less exercise, sport makes the calories in the body causing continuous fatigue accumulate more and work less. In addition, snacks lack essential nutrients like most proteins and vitamins that are needed to maintain overall health and proper functioning of all body parts inside. Although you may feel full and satisfied, but can not give you instant energy, that makes you feel sick and tired after a while. If you eat junk food for all meals of the day over a period of time, you may suffer from chronic fatigue. Snacks can lower your energy level to a degree that may become more difficult to carry out daily tasks.

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3. Causing digestive problems

why is junk food bad - cause digestive problems

the second reason is the answer to the asked why junk food is bad for you it is that it can cause digestion problems . People who are addicted to junk food definitely suffer digestive problems such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Most junk foods are fried. Grease immersed in junk food deposited on the stomach lining, which increases the production of acid. Spices in them cause irritation to the stomach lining, so that GERD digestion and getting worse. fried snacks are usually and contain a large amount of trans fats (trans fats) and other preservatives causing indigestible. These foods affect the stomach, intestines and liver, ultimately, and damage to your digestive system. Which lacks fiber in junk food it affects digestion and raises a lot of problems like constipation and hemorrhoids.

4. It increases the risk of heart disease

why is junk food bad - increase the risks of heart disease

Snacks contain fat and trans fat that directly increase the concentration triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, contribute to the formation of plaque and heart disease saturated. In addition, the sudden increase in sugar levels in the blood rise, snacks damage blood vessels, causing a chronic infection. This inflammation causes bad cholesterol stick to artery walls, blocking the flow of blood to the heart. When they were prevented to some extent, it will cause a heart attack. Fat junk food can accumulate in the body for some time in making you obese. The more you gain weight, the greater the risk of heart attack.

Moreover, to make the sandwiches become more attractive, sellers and manufacturers preservatives, artificial coloring added. These substances can cause cancer and negatively affect your cardiac system circuit. Most people, who tend to suffer from heart disease, are affected by obesity is always demanding junk food. This is actually one of the most urgent reasons is why the food bad for you all my dear readers should know to avoid junk food and reduce waste. In fact, this is also one of the most common reasons why junk food is bad for you so you should avoid eating them as much as possible.

5. To contribute to the formation of kidney stones:

why is junk food bad - contribute to the formation of kidney stones

The reason I never eat food fry and sweet potato chips because they contain high levels of salt that increase salivation and secretion of the enzyme. High levels of fat and sodium in salt causes harmful sodium balance disorder – potassium from the body and causes high blood pressure. Because the kidneys must filter all toxins from the blood so the consumption of junk food has a direct influence on the function of the kidneys. This is one of the many reasons why junk food is bad for you.

6. Causing liver damage

why is junk food bad - cause damage to liver

harmful to the liver is also appropriate responses to the question why junk food is bad for you. Unexpectedly, eating junk food for a while can bring adverse effects similar to alcohol the liver. One study reported that people who eat junk food and avoid exercise revealed changes in liver enzymes in 4 weeks. These changes are similar to changes seen in people who abuse alcohol. According to some studies, high levels of trans fats in some kind of liver dysfunction causes junk food due to deposition in the liver.

7. Increased risk of cancer:

why is junk food bad - increase the risks of cancer

The lack of fiber is the main cause of eating junk food which can increase the risk of cancer in the digestive system. A study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention has shown that eating too much junk food that contains sugar and fat may increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Another study by the Center for Cancer Research Fred Hutchinson in Seattle showed that the risk of prostate cancer increases for men to eat fried foods more than 2 times a month. It is is the reason why junk food is bad for you people to know.

8. Leave a negative impact on brain activity.

why is junk food bad - leave negative impacts on brain activity

Many people wonder about the reason why junk food is bad for you. To have the question of why junk food is bad for you, a study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, has shown that eating junk food a week enough to cause memory impairment in mice . Recent research suggests that saturated fats (bad fats) of junk food often replaces the beneficial fats in the brain and interfere with normal signaling mechanism thereof. Animal studies also showed that fat snack to curb the ability to learn new skills.

9. Causing depression in adolescents:

why is junk food bad - cause depression in teenagers

Many of the hormonal changes in adolescents makes more susceptible to mood swings and statement of changes in behavior. And a healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining hormonal balance. Because junk food lacks essential nutrients should be able adolescents suffer from depression has increased 58% .This is another reason why junk food is bad for you question I would like to show in this article and I hope that all men and women learn and avoid eating a lot of junk food for healthy life.

10. Link to rapid aging and reduce immunity:

why is junk food bad - link to rapid aging and reduce immunity

Junk food is not only the lack of nutrients, but also they consume the nutrients your body possesses. Lack of nutrients causes the body to produce free radicals cause the skin, eyes and body rapidly aging. People who regularly eat junk food are faster than other age. On the other hand, if you know, there are no announcements yet the nutritional value of fast food for food that still lack many healthy nutrients to the body are known. Eating these foods for long periods affect the immune system or the body, it makes it easy to suffer from various diseases . So it is the most typical reason why junk food is bad for you.

11. Eat a lot of money

why is junk food bad - consume a lot of money

Once purchased junk food, you are not interested in the price and generally found no impact on the amount of your winnings. However, most fast food offer their services at exorbitant prices, while food makes desperate will cost for this service is increasing. Moreover, junk food and lack of nutritional values ​​have too many substances harmful to the body. a lower resistance you have to go see the doctor more often done. In short, a total waste of money for this junk food is lost is too large. This is the last, but very important to leave the best reason why junk food is bad for you that I want to reveal at this writing and I hope my reader should read carefully.

Although fast food , junk food is delicious and it seems very difficult for you to give it up quickly. But in order to protect our health, exercise habits slowly with this, you should make sure they do not become victims of this toxic food stuff.

After reading 11 most common for which reasons is the food bad junk for you to consume, one more thing you should do is spend time reading List of fast food items containing 1,000 calories or more . Why recommend you read? The reason is very simple. After giving people the reasons why stop eating too much junk food and fast food, no doubt, the next thing you want to do to support my precious ideas and also to match the demand of my readers is to show clearly what foods junk and fast foods that should be avoided to the maximum. Depending on the amount of calories from junk food and fast food, I think these super high calorie foods are the worst foods you may need to avoid in the first step.

These reasons above are the best reasons why junk food is bad for you that explain why people should cut or even stop eating junk foods to prevent disease and health problems. I hope people can know more clearly about serious problems junk foods and fast foods can contribute to human health after reading this writing. In addition, you should visit our pages for more information about useful nutrition and vitamins, food, drink … that are good for your health.

11 reasons why it is bad junk food for you disclose in writing today are among the most common and important explanations for why men and women visiting VKool.com and everyone out there should stay away from the attractiveness of junk foods. If you have any questions, please leave your comments and firmly promise that I will reply as soon as possible. Related about healthy foods and bad foods

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