Why Is Cola And Durian A Deadly Combination For Drinking And Eating?

No s A deadly cans in Thailand, where men, a tourist, ate a combination with Coca-Cola. This is not the first, nor the last case in the world that someone died of coke.


If you eat foods durian in combination with coke, coffee or milk and alcohol can be fatal.

A 28-year-old Chinese tourist was reported dead after consuming excessive amounts of durian fruit and canned Cola.

cobra poison-this is the name of the combo He ate.

The all citizens and tourists were warned not coke combo meal durian.

A source discovered that the Chinese man died of sudden cardiac arrest caused by caffeine intoxication leading to increased blood pressure.

The durian fruit is high in sulfur, which breaks down alcohol; this can stop the activity of an enzyme that helps remove toxins from the body. According to research results, the body is unable to eliminate toxic waste because the enzyme is not functioning properly because of the high sulfur content in the fruit.

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