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There once was not remarkable a child should call the Gladiator immunity. He stood well through the harsh winters of years Dunedin, New Zealand after year. . . after year . When the curious researchers decided to find out why, they found that carrying a rare strain of bacteria – S. salivarius.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself “ S. salivarius , that’s a mouthful!”. . . so, it would be exactly right. This beneficial bacteria – which has been found in volunteers with particularly strong immune defenses against seasonal concerns – are mainly in the mouth. Research suggests that supports the ear, nose, throat and health, along with respiratory function, but unfortunately only a very small percentage of the United States (about 2%) have large amounts of it. ( source )

I do not know about you, but after years of focusing on gut health through probiotics fermented foods and staples and similar broth bone, I thought I had a very good control on how to support a diverse microbiome . But whoa, oral probiotics !?!? This is new territory for me.

Apparently, like certain species of pathogenic bacteria (such as those that feed on tooth enamel and cause sore throats or earaches ) tend to favor the oral cavity, certain beneficial bacteria do too.

S. salivarus competes with these bacteria, and is believed to have a positive impact on the microbial balance. Multiple studies found in PubMed support the use of BLIS K12, which is a commercially available strain of S. salivarius, to

  • maintain healthy oral bacteria
  • Support for the first line of defense of the body – the immune system
  • Promote fresh breath

personally, my interest in BLIS K12 goes beyond what has been currently studied. As Dr. Weston A. Price made a connection between nutrition and a low incidence of caries in certain traditional populations, I wonder if there is a connection between increased oral health problems and loss of oral microbiome. I can not count the number of times that antibacterial mouthwashes as a child stirring, without thinking about how it might affect bacteria in the mouth.

Although the restoration of a strain is not the same as the repopulation of an entire ecosystem, it seems like a good start for me

Too much of a good thing

The for certain probiotics -.? l like. acidophilus – is sometimes possible to get too much of a good thing . That’s why I personally rotate probiotic supplements that I take (a couple of my favorites are listed on my cart page ) and try to eat a variety of fermented foods .

reading about oral probiotics, one of the things that stood out to me is that the strain I’m using is self-limiting. According to Grant Washington-Smith, BLIS Technologies (The company that makes the strain on the market of S salivarius .)

“Almost all probiotics on the market work by out-compete other bacteria. BLIS K12 is no different, but has other weapons in its arsenal that other probiotics do not have. BLIS K12 actually produces two specific compounds BLIS. a BLIS is designed to maintain normal levels of healthy population and avoid even the good bacteria of excess growth . the other BLIS only occurs when the probiotic BLIS K12 is threatened. This is a powerful substance that acts as a small spear to defend the delicate environmental balance. ” ( source , emphasis mine)


What do I use

There are various probiotics for oral health that incorporate strain K12 – BLIS? this is the one I use . Just in case you might be wondering, this is not a sponsored post and never received any free products of this company – I’m just a customer writes a comment. My reasons to go with this brand are:

  1. In my opinion is the “other” cleaner ingredient list of the options that I researched. In addition to the two active ingredients – BLIS probiotics and zinc – tablets are sweetened with a mixture of isomalt and stevia, which is a sugar alcohol that is mostly indigestible for us. If you are skeptical of sugar alcohols as if I were, I recommend you read Chris Kresser, Lac, take them here . Inulin, which is a prebiotic that serves as food for the beneficial bacteria, is included, as is peppermint extract (for flavor), cellulose (to give volume to be large enough to be a rhombus), dicalcium phosphate (a form of calcium which helps to keep the tablet together), and glyceryl behenate (made by mixing glycerine with a saturated fatty acid).
  2. the company that produces this diamond brackets Yayasan Bumi Sehat soft maternity center and medical facility in Bali that is working to improve the light in that region. The center was founded by Robin Lim, who was named CNN hero of the year in 2011 .

Click here to see BLIS K12 probiotic oral .

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