Why friendship can save your life

with Mark Hyman, MD and Lissa Rankin, MD

we live in an era that rewards individualism and collectivism is seen as weak. We raised our children to be independent and self-sufficient. It is so difficult for us to ask for help. Interestingly, we also practice medicine in this way. We teach our future medical leaders to separate the body into individual unconnected parts. We allow patients believe their symptoms are different completely isolated and unrelated. If this type of medical system better supported, creating healthier and happier communities, then it would be acceptable, and not even have to talk about this. But the simple fact is that is not working, and we are now on the verge of a health revolution through which medical visionaries are working together to bring a new era of living well and feeling good.

In my work as functional medicine physician, I see the patient as a whole person rather than just as an assortment of disconnected parts. The body is an extraordinary system; each part is connected through an intricate network of body, mind and spirit. In functional medicine, we look for the causes of the disease, so that we can address the underlying triggers that have thrown off balance patient. In order to heal properly, all patient needs attention; It is including emotions, thoughts and spirit of a being, not only the human physical body.

Over the many years that I have worked with my patients using this model of medicine, I have been surprised by the resilience of the human body. It is humbling to realize that even though I was taught in medical school to believe that recovery of a patient is completely in my hands, in fact, is the patient who has more power. My job is to be a facilitator that gently assists the body to its natural state of health. I do this by promoting a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of patients. the role of integers, water, air, light, rest, movement, sleep, rhythm, connection, love, meaning and purpose foods is discussed. (For more information on the seven core systems in your body that can bring back the balance, see my book The solution of sugar in the blood ).

need doctors who understand how the body reacts when the entire system is treated, not just the symptoms. A doctor in particular Lissa Rankin, has made a career out of a vocation which was to serve patients in the most authentic possible level. She inspires me, along with the thousands after their community health and wellness online Owning Pink . She started this site as their way to revolutionize healthcare, encouraging people in need of healing to possess all the many facets that make all their relationships, their careers, their creative lives, their spiritual life, their sex life, their environment, their physical and mental health, and more.


Lissa is functional medicine at its best, turning to the truth that we all need each other for support, to help heal, to connect, and flourish. Lissa and I share the belief that there is nothing more productive and exciting than a group of people joined together to combat the feelings of loneliness and helplessness against the disease. Because she and I feel a special call to do this job, I wanted to invite her to share with us an idea of ​​its unique approach to healing. These are some of the questions I asked immediately for his comments.

Dr. Marcos: In his blog in LissaRankin.com and its community site Owning Pink , I see a lot importance placed on finding nature’s own truth and authentic. I also encourage my patients to reflect on how to live with more purpose. How you can synchronize this authentic energy with another person help heal a broken mind, body and spirit?

Lissa: In my first TEDx talk introduced a new model of radical welfare, which also discuss in my next book Mind Over medicine: scientific proof that you can be cured (Hay House, may 2013). The welfare model is based on a “landmark” those piles of balanced stones tend to see traces of marking and sacred monuments. In welfare model “Health entire mojón” foundation is not the body, as it is in many welfare models suggest that a healthy body it is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Instead, I think the base is the part of you that I call the “inner pilot light.” Call it intuition, internal doctor, or your higher self, the part that always knows what is true for you, even if the rest of you may not want to face their personal truth, as often commands change, and change scares us. Its pilot is always radiant inner light, it never extinguished, 100% authentic, and never lead you astray. I help people tap into its Pilot Inner Light here but as healers, I think that’s one of the most essential parts of our work, they do not dictate what our patients to do or prescribe the only way for optimal health, but to help our patients tap into their own unique pilot inner light, so they can take treatment and life decisions that are in alignment with the core of what they are. In making decisions of this place of truth, the body tends to naturally come back into alignment with your natural state of health.

Dr. Brand: You talk about the healing power that occurs when a group of men and women together in a safe, sacred in which each person feels invited to share emotions, thoughts and experiences he or she is having. How is the community that has helped create as its current understanding of medicine?

Lissa: When I started blogging, I had lost both my health and my mojo sauce (which I define as “more joy”), and I was determined to get it back. I thought I was telling my story as part of my healing process, and as a healer, and wanted to offer my gifts to serve others. But it could not have anticipated the amount of line end pulled her tribe heal me, not only emotionally, but also physically.

Having researched Mind Medicine , now I realize that the healing provided to me by this community was physiological. After years of trauma that took place during my medical education and after years of work in the hospital and feeling deeply disconnected and after two divorces, I felt very alone, and I now understand that my nervous system was in any permanent way. What Dr. Walter Cannon at Harvard called “stress response” was caused because my brain like mind lonely people felt constantly threatened often they do. When this happens, the body is full of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, and the sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight”, it gets stuck in the permanent position “on”, which it is a poison for the body.

Dr. Marcos: In his next book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You can heal to talk about the idea that there is a good medicine in believe anything is possible. Can you tell us tell about the science behind belief and reason that invokes a sense of personal power to heal itself is the missing link in health care today?

Lissa: In modern medicine, the idea that it can heal itself seems to have been relegated to the realm of New Age abracadabra, and yet, the medical community has been testing the mind can heal the body of more than 50 years. We call it the placebo effect, and we have been trying to outsmart for decades. It is an uncomfortable truth that stands in the way of proof that new treatments are more effective than letting nature take its course.

However, the placebo effect is merely to avoid. It is something to embrace, because it provides concrete evidence that the body is endowed with innate mechanisms of self-repair that have the power to heal, the mechanisms that can be converted into a combination of positive belief and foster care of a healer . The data suggest that the placebo effect works 18-80% of the time, because it causes the relaxation response, disabling stress responses that often accompany the disease and flooding the body with hormones that allow the body to heal the healing.

Dr. Mark 😕 What is the number one thing you want people to know that I could surprise them, but nevertheless, it could change your life for the better

Lissa: I think we are here on this earth to fully express the divinity within of us who fully self-realization, if you will. We are so programmed to cover up this divine spark within, wear masks and pretend to be someone other than what we really are so you can more easily adapt to an artificial idea of ​​what makes a good person. And yet, I strongly believe that the best you can do for your health and your life is to be inexcusably YOU, that’s up to the pilot Interior Light, and let its light illuminates the world.

About Dr. Hyman

Mark Hyman, MD is dedicated to identifying and addressing root causes of chronic diseases through a whole systems approach to innovative medicine called functional medicine. He is a family physician six times New York Times bestselling one international leader in its field author , and. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research and promotion, which allows others to help manage the symptoms and start treating the underlying causes of disease, fighting thus our epidemic of chronic diseases. More information about Dr. Hyman or Functional Medicine .

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