Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

According to the latest study published in Cancer Causes and Control journal , the Amish almost no cases of cancer in the population. The study also states that the Amish are the healthiest group in the United States.

The study initially started by researchers at Ohio State University. They originally wanted to study the Amish population to find out if there were higher rates of cancer because they do not seek conventional medical care. But the results were a surprise to them.

It was found that the Amish had extremely low rates of cancer than other US. This encouraged researchers to get closer to the diets and lifestyles of these people look.

According to Naturalnews.com , most Amish are non-smokers and drinkers. The report also notes that these people are not usually sexually promiscuous. Thus, the researchers concluded that these factors lifestyle have important role in reducing cancer rates.

Another important factor that was discussed was that the Amish do a lot of physical work. The researchers found that the Amish are mostly engaged in construction, various production jobs or farming farms that involve a lot of intense physical activity. Its high level of activity helps maintain your health and shape.

The rest of Americans spend their days in cubicles with fluorescent lighting, but most Amish work hard by building structures and furniture, crop production and production of useful goods. According to investigators, all this high level of activity helps to contribute to the good health of the Amish.

There is one more factor and are not discussed in particular in this study. The Amish grow and increase their food on their own.

organic techniques are used and tested by the time they give healthy fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and unpolluted different foods. All these foods are something that are never consumed by Americans.

Amish food contains high amounts of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. They are grown and raised in the right way, which helps in improving your health.

The Amish may be ridiculed by some because of their unique and isolated life. But his dedication to life clean, simple and local food production and health TEM grants that can not be enjoyed by other Americans.

If the lifestyle of most Americans with the Amish, it’s easy lifestyle that compares deserves contempt. Most of us spend our lives with our last days in office buildings, consumption of junk that is genetically modified and processed food. And we take prescription drugs for all our health problems medicines.

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