Why Don’t Generic Drug Names Make Sense?

Pronouncing names properly can be tricky. prescription drug ads on TV tell you how to pronounce the brand names that presumably were designed to be agile and memorable.

Every drug with a brand name (if it is really agile or not) also has both a chemical name tells you exactly what its chemical composition as well as a generic name tells pharmacists, doctors and other health professionals anywhere in the world that the drug is. Brands vary, but the generic name remains the same. A reader noticed these generic names and we asked a question unanswered.

Why not form generic names easier to pronounce?

P I realized that prescription drug ads include a generic name of the drug that someone is trying to sell. look those generic “words” like someone poured a lot of cards on the table. They are more like the scrambled letters and do not make sense as regular words. What is the problem?

A. The FDA requires an officer or generic name for all drugs. Unfortunately, these are often difficult to spell and pronounce.

New cancer drugs, such as ibritumomab, tiuxetan and pembrolizumab are tongue twisters, but so are old drugs for epilepsy as levetiracetam. We agree with you that such names difficult to pronounce are problematic for patients and health professionals.

Deciphering generic drug names:

Despite the patchwork of difficult lettters of prononce in many generic drugs, is not really a sense behind the alphabet soup. At least that is the position of the United States adopted names (USAN) Council. This group of professionals AMA (American Medical Association), USP (Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and the APHA (American Pharmacists Association) has been creating names of generic drugs in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies since the early 1960

Here are some examples:

If you see the stem Alol or olol , there is a good chance that the drug is a medicament for the beta blocker as heart bind olol LABET Alol , metopr olol or propran olol . When pril appears in a name that is likely a medicine for high blood pressure called ACE inhibitor as enala pril Lisino pril or rami pril . Here is a link to National Library of Medicine Portal Drug Information with a list of Generic name stems .

When things get crazy it is with some new anticancer drugs. Researchers have created monoclonal antibodies mAbs are abbreviated. This root has joined names like gemtuzu MAB rituxi MAB and ibritumo MAB . Such names can have full sense of the scientists, but this kind of twisters do little to improve communication with patients.

What do you think about the new names of generic drugs that are impossible to pronounce? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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