Why Does Soap Under the Sheet Lose Its Power?

So many people swear to put soap under the bottom sheet works to prevent or relieve cramps legs we believe them. This resource presents a challenge for many health professionals because there is no obvious mechanisms of action. Why, for example, soap under the sheet would lose effectiveness?

P I used soap under the sheet and found that it helps prevent muscle cramps. I read in your column that the effect disappears after several weeks. Why? Since it is not being used for bathing, why would it take?

A. There are relatively few scientific studies on the effect anti-cramping of soap under the sheet. One theory, however, is that it works by releasing volatile chemicals such as limonene, a natural compound found in the peels of lemons, limes and oranges. These agents are added to the soap for their aromatic qualities.

The science behind “Soap bed”:

An anesthesiologist who was intrigued by the reports of combat proven cramps soap soap crushed against muscle cramps and menstrual cramps ( Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine July 2008 ). We proceeded to try the fragrance alone and reported that relieves muscle pain ( Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare September 2008 ).

Soap releases its fragrance compounds slowly over time. Over time its concentration decreases, which may explain why some people report that soap under the sheet loses its effectiveness after a few months.

when soap loses its Oomph:

Darla said

“had the same bar Jergens for almost a year until he stopped working and my cramps returned with full force I replaced it with a new bar of Irish Spring and my cramps disappeared again “

FJB Michigan shared this:..

“Soap needs to be replaced every 4 weeks in bed brand Ivory works better This really works to get rid of leg cramps..”

Robert in Juno Beach, FL has a system:

“I used a bar of Ivory soap for over ten years with a success when some pain reappears. , cut the bar in half. When it stops working replacement with a new bar. I keep soap in a Ziploc bag LOC during the day. Regardless of what “medical authorities” state -. Soap prevents leg cramps if used correctly “

Reviews for soap’s Pharmacy bed


Several years we came up with the idea of ​​putting the fragrance of lavender soap along with additional limonene. Some studies suggest that the scent of lavender could help people sleep better.

we also thought it would be more comfortable if we did the much thinner soap and slightly larger than the soap standard bar. that way there would be more surface but would not create a bulge under the bottom sheet. this is how Pharmacy bed Soap Popular was created. These are just some of the reviews from people who have soap tried Bedding:

Janet in Houston:

“Oh, my God, I love this soap! From the first night I put it under the sheets, I slept better and I have no cramps in the leg / ankle / foot. My husband swears he is sleeping better than he has in years. He had the periodic movement of the limbs and has completely disappeared. I’m buying this soap for everybody for Christmas! “

Denise in Land O Lakes, FL:

” I’ve been putting soap under my sheets for more than one year. My ankle cramps have disappeared completely. I can tell when soap is aging because colic begin to return. I was using Irish Spring soap or Dove before; I recently started using soap People’s Pharmacy. So far, so good.

“I like the flat shape of the new soap and is more fragrant than the Irish Spring or dove. It’s all about the smell. I do not have a problem with the soap falling out of bed because the leaves are tucked in more soap. mattress pad, then soap, then leaves. Everything is in place. ”

Read more reviews here . Of course not everyone benefit from soap under the sheet but be amazed at how many people do not seem to get relief.

Share your own experience with soap under the sheet in the comments section.

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