Why are we aging?

Many of the old records point to the conclusion that age faster, and that in the past people lived much longer and more growth. Our body is made up of billions of cells. Science has shown that the smallest cell in our body, including the cells of the bone marrow regenerates completely the cycle of 7 years. This means that every seven years they receive a whole new body. However, in the appearance and the aging function. This means that the new cells are created, for some reason, they have a different quality.

To understand aging, we must first understand that everything in the universe is compound or substance which is a joint and is in operation, thanks to the strength or life. When there is no life, matter collapses. The body is only matter. On the other hand, the vital energy, which acts under which the specified patterns that are provided through the genetic code, as well as our thoughts and beliefs. As dreams are an expression of thought, and the body is the expression of thoughts. If you have a beautiful, bright and youthful thoughts, each cell would suggest to shape, according to them. Therefore, if we conquer our thoughts to follow our wishes, the body will follow their frames as allowed. Through the thoughts of the rule and the energy within our bodies as well as cooperation with superior beings who can give us the help and knowledge, we can not change our genetic material, and to establish new ways of behavior energy flowing through us.


We are conditioned to think that at a certain age of life we ​​can expect certain disorders, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, memory loss, an enlarged prostate, etc. therefore only the body dictate the guidelines that direct the energy to the occurrence of a disease, consciously or unconsciously are waiting. In fact, we are trapped under the age of collective consciousness, because from the moment of our birth, our world strengthens the understanding of a certain age. From birth we are conditioned to where our position in the chronological map, and with the assumption of how long we will live.

to the untrained mind, health magazines such forms of support with their statistics – “80% of people over age 50 who show signs abnormally enlarged prostate”, etc. This increases the statistical subconscious belief that probably at that age appear the same health problem for us. Therefore, when a man would come closer to the 50 years of his life “subconscious” dictates that the opinion in the mind and actually appears the disease, and statistics are confirmed. And so the vicious circle. Therefore the chronological point of view of age, which is imposed on us from the environment in which we live is very good trap. This makes our mind to accept the fact that is suggested for the body, and responds appropriately to the same form. The whole process reinforces the idea that society has towards aging. In other words, age becomes an expression of the collective consciousness of humanity.

From the above, it is obvious that we must first and foremost a youthful, cheerful and unburdened ourselves thinking. That is, it does not measure the standards imposed by the world in which we live, but to build a fresh, desirable and the features they want to have body image. We need to create a vision for our body and character that we have and ensure that within our own mind. Of course, in addition to internal, we must be concerned about external factors, which are the property of diet, exercise and living conditions because it really effect on our body.

And remember, our thoughts are what shape reality.

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