Why 6 Hours of Sleep Is as Bad as No Sleep at All

6 hours of sleep

A new study showed that a person who takes 6 hours functions as bad as someone who stayed awake dream.

Studies over the years have declared all different figures for the optimal number of hours of sleep remains to be done every night.

is often after a good solid eight hours of sleep to feel rested and rejuvenated. For some six hours is enough for them to get on with their busy lives.

However, a sleep study by the University of Pennsylvania showed that a person who sleeps for six hours per night ( for two weeks ) works really just as bad as someone who stayed awake for two consecutive nights. Quite possibly the worst part is that participants who received only six hours of sleep said they were doing fine.

The study used 48 adults, and divided them into groups, those who were allowed: 4, 6, or 8 nights sleep for fourteen days. There were an additional group who were deprived of sleep for three days. Unless they were asleep, the group on cognitive performance tests will be conducted and were also asked a series of questions about their mood and if they had any unusual symptoms.

Why is 6 hours of sleep a night harmful?

The group allowed to sleep for eight hours at night as you can imagine made the best with the cognitive and reaction tests. Those who were sleeping for only four hours a night got worse as the days passed. It is interesting that the group had 6 hours of sleep were doing well until about ten days .

What is even more interesting is that during the tenth, those who sleep six hours were showing test results that were worse than the group that was not allowed to sleep. As expected sleepers four hours incorrectly, but they reach their low much sooner than six-hour sleepers.

The problem with these results is that the six-hour sleepers worrying felt good . they did not feel particularly sleepy and did not realize how badly they were carrying out the test. Those who had no sleep noted its increased sleepiness as the days passed, as we would have expected. The group had only 6 hours of sleep did not realize a significant increase in their drowsiness. which it raises the question, if we only 6 hours of sleep per night for a long period, we are in denial of our drowsiness?

How much sleep you can get per night?

We find it very difficult to know how much sleep you get per night. A study based on US statistics showed that 35% of Americans sleep less than seven hours a night . Another study showed that tend to overestimate the amount we sleep . So those Americans who felt they slept seven hours, could have, in fact, been sleeping for only six hours.

How are we good night’s sleep?

The best way to try to get a good night’s sleep is trying to have a bedtime. It is also important left the tablet and smartphone, at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed. Should limit their alcohol consumption and try to take regular exercise .

If you try to do these four things that should help sleep and ensure it remains asleep. If the brain is working as if it has been awake for 48 hours worth giving these tips a try.

By Holly W.

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