When I Had to Re-Evaluate My Life After Having Strokes at 16

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Only last December, when he was 16 years old, who had multiple ischemic strokes and seizures. My brain was dying and I was losing myself. The first MRI showed that my frontal lobe was affected on both sides. After the second race, the next MRI showed that the affected area had grown on the right side of my brain, as well as the side and to the rear on the left side. I did not learn any of this until I woke up totally of a medically induced coma three days later.

My brain could not understand what these results mean, but my parents tried to explain as best I could. The first few days after I woke up I could not speak, it was terrifying. He had to relearn how to speak and, relearning how to count and do basic math, even relearn how to write essays like this. It was so difficult to organize my thoughts and still is, but every day I progress.

However, the problems I’m facing are still so different from what everyone in my school has to deal with. On my first day back, four months after I had my stroke, who were responsible for writing an essay test in English class. He had not come to practice both in the hospital, so I was very nervous. was not only affected my typing speed, my thoughts were so mixed. I looked around the small class worldwide to type faster than me. just they seemed to get to it, knowing what to do; I, well, I do not know where to start. I felt bombed, absolutely unprepared.

All I knew was I had to get something in that role perfectly aligned. So I did what I do best: I pushed. I just start writing, spilling my thoughts on paper. I began to organize the words and phrases in the form of an essay. I going crazy inside, I held my composure and went on his way. Class was over in a short 90 minutes, and I had just finished my draft. Everyone else had finished completely; rough and final project alike. I was crushed.

Before the blows was a very accomplished student could easily have finished the test within a class, like my colleagues. I was shattered. I was proud to be a better student and now … this? Now I write slowly and insecure. Now I doubt myself more. I’m really different now. I do not want to feel what I felt inside. My world collapsed perfectly planned. I was being ripped right from my weak hands.

However, it also brought light to the eyes. I had most of my life planned and this experience showed me that there will be obstacles, whether of a brain disease that causes strokes or fear of failure. He still had trouble accepting that I had become and let go of who I was – one of my biggest challenges. It had been unrealistic, thinking I could lead a life perfectly planned. It was my stroke vision I had to reevaluate my life to really succeed. Realizing he needed to overcome these obstacles was what motivated me to finish that essay. And so I did.

The next class period, I tried to improve it. When I finally decided it was up to a well-written essay, I went to the teacher’s desk, nervous, knowing everyone was looking at me, and I gave it. When I turned around I stood up straight, as if to show he was sure, and returned to my seat. I let out a sigh of relief. Just he persevered to complete the challenge of the day. Knowing he had much more difficult tasks in my future for some reason did not bother me. I had accomplished what I had to do that day.

I know today that part of me, the part that was so determined, the part that I like about myself more, the part that really shows what I am, stuck with me. Through the months of agony and torture of beatings, which stayed with me. My most valuable asset was with me through the changes in the brain and why I still have hope: hope to be a better me, multiplied by 100. I know that will get there


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