What women worry about: It’s not what you’d expect


What women want is not something that Freud or Mel Gibson could find

. but what women are concerned about?

Well, new research organization Jean Hailes for Women’s Health can provide some information about it.

The survey of 3236 Australian women ahead of the Week Women’s Health reveals that Australian women are more concerned about their weight are of getting cancer.

Weight gain was the health concern by 23 percent of respondents, ahead of cancer (17 percent) and mental and emotional health (15 percent). In addition, 83 percent of respondents said they felt self-conscious about their appearance before going out in public.

suggest that the findings are troubling for Dr. Mandy Deeks, the deputy general director Jean Hailes. She responds that all depends on how you read the results.

“I think you can look at a couple of ways – if you look at it at a higher level and go ‘oh my women Golly are more concerned about their weight than specific cancers of women”, ” Deeks says, shutting down. “I think it’s important to put some context in there.

“I think we are very thinkers short term, we are in the” now. “- We are not very well to think of something that causes us fear cancer is obviously something that we are afraid because we are bound to death and I think if we fear something we tend to brush aside “.

In addition, our vision weight often represents more than the number on a scale or size of a dress.

“The message is that it is just beautiful and successful thin and the person who is in line with you that is perhaps more beautiful once and slimmer tends to be served before someone who is older,” Deeks says.

I wonder aloud if our bodies are simply something tangible to deposit our deepest concerns?

“Potentially,” says Deeks, adding:

“We are bombarded by constant messages and images and there are plenty of good research now about saying looking at such images, even for one really short period of time, really impacts how to view ourselves. “

Interestingly, however, the women surveyed do not compare with the images in the media as much as those around them.

Nearly 60 percent of respondents compared her body to friends while less than 20 percent compared with the same models.

Deeks says this is consistent with what we see in practice as a psychologist counseling; we are affected by the comments and the appearance of the people closest to us.

“A lot of women come to me and have really negative body image or eating disorders and it seemed to me that what had tipped them over the edge was comment or relationship with family and friends, “adds Deeks.

Thus, our physical being often COP, the weight of what is happening in our emotional life.

Deeks says start conversations about what we are concerned about secret can help realize that others share our fears and experiences.

This extends to other aspects of health that women worry, but do not necessarily feel comfortable talking about, like gut health, menopause, memory loss and mental health ( all the issues raised in the survey that women express discomfort ask questions about).

“The whole theme of the Week of Women’s Health this year is” Am I normal? ‘Because we kept getting women tell us’ I really worried that I’m different from other women’, “said Deeks.

” They’re going to do searches’ doctor Google ‘and will try to solve it that is wrong with them, but they really have no one to tell them, so this is what other women are also experiencing so that we will have the conversation … which can often be easily treated or dissipate fear. “

This opening of talks, Deeks believe, is what can lead to a change and greater understanding.

” I think it’s important to ask women what worries them and then we can do something about -. not make assumptions, because one would think that women were more concerned about getting cancer. “Deeks said the first act of the survey” so it’s quite good to understand what they are thinking “

Jean Hailes Week women’s Health is 5 to 9 September

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