What Will Happen When You Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks?

No matter why leave the soda, there are at least 4 changes that will occur in the body.

1. Food is tastier than before

All inserted sweeteners in soft drinks can alter the receptors in the brain and has been shown that people often drink more often choose unhealthy foods. Moreover, people who have stopped consuming soft drinks, prefer to choose apples and cheese as an appetizer of chips and chocolate.

2. You will lose several kilos


Soft drinks easier fat around the abdomen and thighs, and besides high blood pressure and high levels triglycerides may lead to diabetes.

3. The bones will be stronger

Each glass of soda you drink, increases the chances of bone fractures when he grew old, because it has been shown that soft drinks are weakening bones.

4. You can drink more alcohol

Some time ago it was shown that pure alcohol is less likely that you drink alcohol mixed with carbonated drinks, or large amounts of sugar and unhealthy additives.


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