What Truth in Aging Has Done For Me

In celebration of the fifth birthday Truth in aging store, we asked members of the TIA community to share what they have earned for being a part of truth in aging. Whether a new product is discovered, learning about ingredients or connection with other women of a certain age, the answers made me a little break. I’m so happy that many of you have benefited from what began as a small skin care blog. With your support has become much more.


lisa s. Name: Lisa S.
Age: 60

Truth in aging has helped find healthy alternatives, quality skin care. And I love my Ultra Renew!

Name: Tina G.
Age: 40

Originally encountered TIA when scanning the Internet for reviews of products anti-aging potion last miracle longed to buy. Many comments or blogs out there are sponsored by the manufacturer of the product, so I found it frustrating to get to the truth of what works and what does not. When I found TIA, I found a site independent and honest real people with real skin. The anti-aging industry is booming, but unfortunately, many demands for products and ads are misleading. Who does not want to look like that model flawless wrinkle cream peddling 18 years old?

I have had the opportunity through the program Dare to try some great products to try and give my honest opinion about how they performed. If I could choose my ideal job would be to test beauty products and give my opinion; Marta and her team presented me that opportunity! I discovered some new products through this program, including a unit of microdermabrasion skin Mini Trophy – which will have to pry my cold dead hands. What a great find for my skin.

Now when the thumb through magazine ads and see the latest and greatest product or ingredient, resorting to the website of the TIA for more information before being absorbed by the hype marketing and wasting money. I have a better understanding of what the ingredients in the products really, and I have no reasonable expectations about what anti-aging products can not do. I love Marta updates on new discoveries, old favorites and admire research and work you have put in place. Congrats on 5 great years TIA shop, which does not look more than 1!

Name: Mark
Age: 50

How fortunate I am to have stumbled into the TIA. When I emailed Marta and asked him to let me be a part of the TIA community I did not think would happen. But he did, and what opened the doors for me wonderful. True knowledge of ingredients, opportunities to test products and become part of a community with a meaingful purpose, not to mention better skin are all mines thanks to TIA.

Gloria G. Name: Gloria G.
Age: 56

I can summarize very quickly in TIA has done for me . I look younger and healthier than I did six years ago. I found your site by chance looking for something online to try possibly from the spa went. Very good information is what I found when I knew I was probably putting poison in my skin and learn about what ingredients to look for and what to avoid. I have also found many treasures my skin care, as Medik8 Firewall, and Osmotics Inner Light Complexion Enhancer. These are products that can be placed behind because of the improvement in the firmness of my skin, and the simplistic approach I take in my morning routine. I am radiant and ready for the day in less than 30 minutes. There have been many others, but more recently Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Dennis. This product has made a big change in my skin so reducing pores and clarity. I could go on and on, but I’m all about pure and simple.

Two products in particular, I have to say is that the diamond for me and this is true Vitality Shampoo True Volume with copper peptides and Vitality Conditioner True Volume truth. I was fine and lifeless hair I’ve never had long silky hair but it was full. I can now say that is long and very healthy. While it is not so thick it is bulky and I’ve been using for a few months. My hair about 5 inches long that is growing in the hairline. It is truly amazing. I love my hair so much now that I stopped putting color into it and let it go natural. Red with lots of highlights. LOVE IT!

Truth in Aging is a community of men and women who care about what we use on our skin, even exercise and toning our our bodies. I am eternally grateful for finding this community to hear what others have to say about certain products and the distribution is so important. The beauty is much more than what we see on the outside. All those who have contributed to the revision and the community are very important. You are what drives the TIA and the wonderful products that come into our lives. Thank you all!

Hazel C. Name: Hazel C.
Age: 30

I registered on this site, mainly because I wanted to find out about cutting edge advances in skin care and anti-aging. The most important thing I’ve learned in this community is to investigate and examine the products I use for my skin and not just rely on advertising and big brands in order to decide what to buy. Is the amount of information that is available to anyone who cares about aging that has kept me coming back to truth in aging.

Name: Naheed K.
Age: 60

I found TIA when it was “just” a blog and I was so happy to find someone who actually said what she (ie Marta) liked and did not like – and why! Frankly, I was more than a little skeptical when TIA began the online store because he was afraid that the truth would be lost, but I need not have feared … the truth remains paramount in TIA!

I learned a lot of articles and TIA love with brands and products over and over again, but a brand that really stands out for me is their best side. I never, I never found this great brand if it were not for the TIA !! So thank you very much for these five gallons 60+ years and this is really waiting for the next five years with AIT!

Hester V. Name: V. Hester
Age: 50

Truth in Aging is the best place I’ve found to help with my aging skin! I have bought many expensive products over the years and most of them just end up in the trash. When I wanted to try a new product, it was hard because I would look at all options and confused. I tried many products that do not excite me or deliver what they expected.

it is wonderful to have the TIA website where I can get honest opinions of Martha and the community. I’m always looking for newsletters, videos and updates of Marta. It has helped me a lot in many ways and my skin has improved in 57! I have learned to look at the ingredients of the products and have a better understanding of what they can do for my skin. I was lucky to try some wonderful and products SimySkin moisturizing and nourishing moisturizer is an absolute winner! My skin loves it.

Tell us, how has helped Truth in aging? How can we continue to TIA a welcoming place? Leave a comment and let us know!

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