What the Heck are Hydrating Toners?

toners, mists moisture and moisturizing essences – all common names for hydrating toners fashion – seem to be causing confusion within the truth in the aging community. As community manager, I’ve noticed lately that many members are not sure what to do with these mists and are quick to dismiss the idea of ​​using one. How can toners, which have become known as astringents used to balance and purify the skin, moisturizing possibly be? While fear of a firm and dry skin seems to be the source of apprehension it is that this new batch of toners has the opposite effect, leaving the skin soft and supple.

“traditional toners were liquid alcohol-based designed to remove excess dirt and oil and is mainly used by people with acne-prone or oily skin,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of research cosmetic and clinical dermatology at Mount Sinai hospital in New York city. “The newer toners in the market are totally different: They have become very specialized for different skin needs and have a variety of benefits, including anti-aging properties.”

The new moisturizing formulas are free of alcohol and help retain water in the skin with ingredients like lecithin (a lipid naturally occurring often obtained from egg yolk or, more comforting, soybean) and hyaluronic acid, which is said to contain up to 1000 times its weight in water. Think of them as protective barriers that help keep moisture. Moreover, as Dr. Zeichner mentioned, which often contain added antioxidants, pH neutralizers and soothing ingredients such as cucumber extract, chamomile and feverfew.

What is more, there are many different ways to incorporate these hydrating mists in his regime. Use one after cleaning balance the pH of your skin and replenish moisture it has been stripped away lathering up. You may even find that you do not need additional facial cream or lotion. However, when applied before other moisturizers and serums, toners moisturizers may help the skin to better absorb the ingredients of that product.

My favorite way to use moisturizing toner is as a refresher throughout the day. They are choice if, like me, your skin becomes dry the interior heat and air. Always you find one on my desk, and keep a small bottle hidden in my bag for use on the go. Some spritzes eliminate dry spots and provide a shine spray. And when my makeup begins to settle in the pores and fine lines, just I Mist I use my face and my fingers to smooth things -. No concealer or powder tinkering necessary

withdraw some of my fog should not miss below.

Simplicite floral Hydrating Toning Lotion ($ 36.30)
I have been using this moisturizing mist religiously since leaving my desk a few weeks ago. Simplicite is an Australian brand that counts, certified organic ingredients medical grade. They make plant extracts that go into each formula and avoid unpleasant and synthetic parabens. Inside the floral Hydrating Toning Lotion rich in antioxidants find rose petals, soothing chamomile and orange blossom to soften the skin, among nine other plant extracts powerful. The fine mist absorbs quickly, leaving a silky feel weightless and a contribution of remarkable brightness. Also nice is it? It has a lovely floral scent that does not stop – or interrupt my colleagues sitting nearby. Stay tuned for a full review, but for now, I give this product five star.

Tata floral Harper Hydrating Essence ($ 89)
Many of the products of Tata Harper – coating mask for lip and dye cheek – are a staple in my regime. She is committed to the use of natural ingredients and non-toxic they deliver, and I saw this firsthand when I visited his farm, where the development and manufacture of products happen last summer. I was thrilled to learn that the extraction and conservation techniques are all natural and safe. Tata moisturizing essence has become a between purists and for good reason-cult favorite: It packs a number of active ingredients for the nutrition of the final skin. The mixture of natural moisturizers, hyaluronic acid addition bioidentical, provides hydration hard . gotu kola has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a circulation booster, while willow bark serves as a natural exfoliant to refine skin tone and texture gently. This essence provides the most healthy glow and the smell is ahh-mazing – far from being artificial

Elizabeth Dehn for One Organics active love moisture Release Time vitamin D Moisture Mist ($ 39 in store)
Depending on the brand, the collection of the vitamin that was created with beauty blogger Elizabeth Dehn uses vitamins, antioxidants and humectants to restore the natural glow of the skin. “I think that an active vitamin D love Organics time moisture release provides lasting hydration to the face, neck and chest,” says Marta in his opinion . “What I like [it] is the part of vitamin D. There are also many cosmetic products with vitamin D.” One Love Organics uses shiitake mushroom, a natural source of vitamin D2 plus alpine rose and extract rice for an extra dose of hydration. This seems to be one of the richest fogs I have ever tasted. It is sprayed with the consistency of a serum and needs to be rubbed or dabbed on; However, my skin drinks quickly up and it is left with a feeling soft as butter. Vitamin D Moisture Mist smells like roses, but not as offensive type powder room. It’s more like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers.

BRAD Biophotonic antifatiga Mist ($ 65 in store)
This tonic favorite BRAD community is said to soothe, hydrate and revitalize the skin . While not as moisturizing as others in my list, this trickle does improve skin clarity when looking drab. vegetables and vitamin C acids clarifies the bio-fermented, while camu camu berry improves circulation of a glow illuminated from within. The toner itself is pure and refreshing. “I liked the way it felt layered on top of makeup,” says Becky community member in his opinion . “My makeup stayed where he was – even mascara is not waterproof -. And looked fresh” You can also consider using this toner during the flight, such as colloidal silver (an anti-microbial) is said to withstand pressure fluctuations in the cabin and protect against airborne bacteria [

What is your opinion about moisturizers toners? Let us know if you have a favorite must try in the comments below.

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