What Mom Never Taught Us: Skin Care Advice from the Truth in Aging Community

Many of us in the truth in aging community are proactive in preventing future skin damage while trying to repair the damage that has already been done. However, it is easy to think of how we could have our skin care differently for decades.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, asked us to everyone in the TIA community what advice skin care who want their mothers have given them and what advice would you pass along the generations young boys.

Do you have any tips skin care valuable? Share it with us in the comments!

What skin care tips is what you want your mother (or mother figure) would have told you when you were younger?

“Always remove and clean the skin before going to bed, no matter what time and how tired you can be! ALWAYS wear sunscreen, if it is sunny and hot, cold, cloudy, rainy, or any combination of weather conditions sun damage is independent of temperature and time produce application to the face and all exposed areas is important;.. adding sun-friendly clothes and a hat to your sunscreen, even better “

– Jessica, last 50

” always use sunscreen and moisturizer “

– Gloria, 56

” Protect yourself from the sun. ”

– Leslie, 62

“Do not expose yourself to the sun (we live in South Florida, so we went to the beach a week) and if you do go to using sunscreen sun , ALWAYS!”

– Karen, 50

“Apply a better sunscreen factor Ambre Soleil 2 while vacationing in Greece.”

– Sarah, 58

“My mother really gave me good advice regarding skin care When I was little, there was almost the same amount of information available about the ingredients. products and ongoing research as there are today. my mom told me to always remove my YOLIZUL and wash your face before bed. at 92, her skin is still quite nice, so his advice was .! exact Thank you mom I wish I mentioned (or known) that products must be applied to the neck and upper chest, and face he did not realize doing this for a number of years. but better late than never “

– Michele, 66

“! Wear sunscreen every day throughout the year “!

– Suzanne, 49

Do not expose yourself to the sun And it’s never too early to moisturize!”.

– Karin, 60

“It is never too early to begin a regimen of skin care Start when young to enjoy the best skin throughout his life he is..”

– Mark

What is a piece of wisdom skincare that will convey to younger generations?

“ALWAYS be aware of the sun that helps keep us healthy, but can also cause skin problems everything from cancer to (s) of the worst fatal. Use sunscreen daily (face, arms, legs, potentially exposed areas- in all weather conditions and clothing to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, summer and winter, rain or shine “

-. Jessica, last 50

“Use sunscreen!”

– Gloria, 56

“they never go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you can be! “

– Karen, 50

” what you put in your body is as important as what you put into it Buy organic products Avoid chemicals and pesticides in food and.. .. in your beauty products ads confidence Never Do your own research “

– Sarah, 58

“. Use a facial sunscreen, preferably 50 SPF, at least every morning on the face and neck. (Upper chest and if not covered!) My dermatologist has a machine that can “see” the sun damage. I am happy to say that my skin has little sun damage sunscreen, because it is part of my daily regimen of skin in the morning. Believe me, a huge difference as it makes your skin, you will have less sagging, wrinkles, age spots, etc., and that’s a good thing! I also make sure you protect your skin from the elements; which means changing products such as seasonal changes; especially if you live in an area that has seasonal weather changes “

-. Michele, 66

” Wash your face at night and moisturize from the 20 Find a regime and stay with it. “

– Suzanne, 49

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