What Is the Truth about Statin Muscle Pain?

For years, many patients taking drugs to lower cholesterol statin type have complained of side effects such such as muscle pain and weakness. (You can read some of the comments on this article as an example.)

Is statins real or psychosomatic pain muscle?

Most clinical trials have found that these reactions are rare. As a result of these reports, some cardiologists doubt that the patient’s complaints are real.

However, a new study published in JAMA and recently published in the American College of Cardiology suggests that a significant proportion of people actually suffer from muscle pain statin. The researchers made a plan to help them discover which patients were reacting to a particular statin, and had muscle pain that could not be attributed to one of these drugs to lower cholesterol.

how the study of Gauss-3 was established:

The researchers recruited 500 patients who had previously reported muscle problems while taking a statin. Patients were randomized to receive atorvastatin ( Lipitor ) or matching placebo. The researchers found that 42 percent of these subjects experienced muscle symptoms while taking atorvastatin but not while taking placebo.

Dr. Steve Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic was the lead author. It is estimated that up to 10 percent of patients may experience muscle pain statin. This could translate into three or four million people.

Are there other lowering drugs cholesterol less likely to cause muscle problems?

In a second phase of the study, researchers gave subjects either ezetimibe ( Zetia ) or evolocumab ( Repatha ) intolerant to lower their cholesterol statin. The results showed that some patients who do not do well on statins may also have problems with other drugs: 29 percent of those receiving ezetimibe and 20 percent of evolocumab complained of muscle cramps, spasms, weakness or pain. That proportion is less than the suffering on statins, but still significant.

JAMA , line April 3, 2016

Some people with statin muscle pain will have to use diet and exercise to maintain your cholesterol under control. This is not easy, but we offer ideas in our downloadable guide for controlling cholesterol and heart health.

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