What is the meaning of life?

is a question asked by many in most of the history of mankind “What can the meaning of life be?” Many people have considered this question as being a mystery. Others simply report that no one knows or can not be known. This article will not only give a serious investigation of this issue, however, ultimately, develop a real answer.
First, simply because this question is generally regarded as a mystery countless people, we will approach a response based on this perspective. This approach is mostly seen in court. We will visit a conclusion based solely on the facts and logic.


Because the question “What would be the meaning of life?” is undoubtedly a heavy question. It is often common for people to bias, or personal belief stand when it comes to putting together a response. This is almost inherent in everyone. For this reason, it is necessary to stick to the facts and logic.
So in the same way that a judge or a lawyer explain exactly what is expected of the jury when coming up with decisions based on facts and logic, in the performance as here. It is a tool to use makeup very useful whenever the jury may be tempted to interject bias depends on personal beliefs.
Because the truth is often obvious and simple to try and recognize, we will give more attention in order to apply logic. Consider this scenario. It is developing a small problem with the car, so the car is taken to the store to buy it fixed. As you prepare, you see a guy wearing a uniform monkey has a nametag, work on the car. The logic allows you conclude that a man is usually a mechanic.
This would be the kind of simple logic that can often times used in court when looking at evidence. The truth is that you are with a car shop, the person working on your car or truck wears a uniform that has a name tag, and also has a drive that car fixed. The logic allows one to look at all these facts and conclusion of which man has to be a mechanic. The same kind of logic is to be used during the search for an answer to our real question.
Before reaching an answer to this real question, I want to reiterate the need for a person not interjecting preconception, or personal idea belief in the evaluation of the answer to the question. This is more difficult for anyone who currently have well-defined points strongly held view about life, death, religion and ethics. If you are religious, you probably have a strong view on this subject. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to “turn that off,” and merely think objectively, looking solely on the facts and apply logic rough. The same is as true for atheist, or someone who might be anti-religious. No interjecting preconception is practically impossible to stop, however, is possible if any permits facts and logic prevail arranged as an alternative to pre-programmed thinking. Because of the powerful, and beliefs no deep roots may be, it may help when you consciously make an effort to allow only the logic and facts to push this process and make your best self to turn off the belief system well established for the rest of this post.
So first, in their quest to determine the concept of life, we see the couple of facts. One facts are more of an observation. It is the observation that as you go through life, it becomes clear that people are born, live, after which they die. We all have to start a birth date, so we’re all getting older. Most of us know someone who has brought a baby, so you also probably know someone who has died. If you check out a cemetery, it is that most of the tombstones have two dates, age and date of death.
Fact # 2 The world has a number of people in it. Today it is estimated that the population of the earth is about 7 billion people. With these two facts, “we are born, we live our death” and “the world has a number of people in it,” we could create a perception of what I like to call “static television.”
before the FCC demanded that each change television stations to digital signals, can remember the old analog TVs. When no TV signal would be, you would receive the static display of black and white dots dancing on the television screen. With digital television is the familiar blue screen. But analog television, with the screen showing all the noise and static if you find any sign that could be considered a representation articles that happens in the world. The screen area represents the entire face with the planet. And every little dot that appears represents an individual. Small dots appear and disappear, which represents the birth of a person after which his death. Along each of human history has been happening. We are born, we live, we die. Each person has a small period of time on this earth before they are gone, similar to a point on the screen of television static.
So think of the countless number of people who are both moving in the world today who have also lived before us. All of them were built with the opportunity to contribute something to their knowledge of mankind. When their knowledge and discoveries were important, which had been recorded and transmitted to the next generation.
they tell me that most ensure this a simple point. We have a greater advantage than any in each human history on the subject of solving mysteries such as “What would be the meaning of life?” This is because we are also able to take a look at the observations and current ideas of people who are living today, we can also check out the ideas that have been proposed in the past. The question we are trying to respond can be accessed by many people for very long time. If someone had a choice, it’s important enough to get written and transmitted to the next generation. In the same way that the principles of Einstein were recorded and transmitted by their importance, so it will be the case of the answer to the important question.
So the next question we have to look at is if there is someone who has answered this question before. If someone would have said, it is likely to be aware of it. His name will be a household name like Einstein. The question “What is the meaning of life?” It is essential enough for the owner that the response triggered when someone had to think of an answer. They would be are a rare bright spot on the television screen static, but perhaps the brightest. So who is one of the best known person in most of human history? The answer to this real question is an easy task. It is Jesus Christ.
Now before anyone really starts to interject bias determined by personal belief, lets take a look at the facts in order to support this. As mentioned above, you have a date of birth. That date, along with any date of all time, referring to the birth of Jesus Christ is. This is really a fact. This article is being written on 16 December 2011. This date, together with such other date as may take place after the birth of Jesus Christ, he is cited as AD. So the date is December 16, 2011 AD. AD stands for “Anno Domini”, meaning “in the year with the Lord. BC is short for” BC “. This reference method is global and is mostly used by everyone across the globe. This fact that the birth of Jesus Christ is often a time reference for all those dates that can be written, shows that Jesus Christ can be the person best known in each human history. to suggest other things, is the opposite of common logic and is particularly likely suggested due to bias, or personal beliefs.
Just as the birth of Jesus Christ could be the birth better known in recent history, we must now ask the question “why it was so important to his birth? “What contribution did it that can be so important that it makes us historical reference of his birth? in order to investigate this, we must continue to examine the story.
it is a fact that is engraved the most complete account in the life of Jesus in the Bible. The Bible tells us that Jesus performed many miracles that are witnessed by a lot of people. It is said that throughout the day Jesus was crucified, many people got up in the dark. These people previously dead walked around a city and were witnessed by many. The Bible also says that Jesus himself back in the dead three days after his death, after which he went up the use of this land. It is a proven fact that this is really what the Bible says done. It is also a fact that Jesus’ body has never been found. While this may be, we must also remember that there are a lot of people who have died, therefore, we can not find themselves. So even though this may be a fact that gives soft support to the resurrection of Jesus. What is much more convincing would be the cause of many miracles they had witnessed consistently by a lot of people these days. All these fantastic events provides a logical reason why the birth of Jesus is considered as a big problem. So we understand that his birth was a big problem as referring to every moment of his birth. And the Bible offers a very strong explanation, explaining his birth was a big problem.
Not everyone believes the Bible applies. But it is an indisputable fact that Jesus thinks he is. The New Testament of the Bible accounts of Jesus’ life, and we are told that Jesus believed the Old Testament was quite true.
So if essentially the most important man who has lived believes the Bible work, just what does the Bible say about the specification of life? In the Old Testament, not the book of Ecclesiastes. This book was published by King Solomon, men who was given supernatural wisdom by God. In this book, Solomon sought the answer to your important question, “What is the meaning of life?”. At the end of the book, after numerous deep reflection and meditation, he gives a solution. He says: “After most of this, there is only one thing that transmit Have fear of God and obey his commands, because this is all that man was made for.”. Moreover, Jesus himself says the same. More than once, he argues obey God.
So it is not the answer to the question. The concise explanation life generally summarized in 50 words percent, “obey God”. So why do people still think that life specifications to be a mystery? All that remains to counter the logic is preconception, and belief.

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