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There were three keepers of my last round of testing , all of our favorite Canadian brand new Deciem . So I’m excited to have more testers of this company (so unusual that even proudly describes herself as abnormal) in the pipeline. Especially because one of them has copper, which most of you know is one of my favorite ingredients.

Deciem NIOD of copper Amino Isolates 1% ($ 60) uses a copper tripeptide GHK-Cu. Copper peptides have a long pedigree science to heal wounds, increase collagen and hair growth. Here, there is a concentration of 1% that comes in a bottle that combine separate home with a “complex stabilization” which also contains hyaluronic acid and a peptide interesting, myristoyl nonapeptide-3 increases cell exfoliation. Often resembles vitamin A (retinol), although supposedly without any of the side effects. It is also found in of Deciem Hylamide subQ Eyes ($ 35 in the shop).

have also taken a first step in supporting Deciem hair is Textile Anti-Aging ($ 55), co-wash shampoo / conditioner that is packaged in a toothpaste tube like a giant. I found that a little goes a long way (after over-do it the first time I used it and spending an age rinse). Now that I’ve worked this out, I’m fine like it. Unlike many fellow washes that do not do well the work especially well, this seems to be decent in both departments. Time will tell if there are anti-aging effects. No sulfates and surfactant is mild, but this is not a natural product. On the positive side, there are some promising ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, plant extracts and Keratin.

conveyed to them Vaccine Deciem Hydration ($ 55) as its “Adaptive Flexo-silicone Intricate” seemed to have enough to make a silicone breast implant. On the other hand, I am happily testing a Difinsa53 cream, which calls for a 1% dimethicone as their “active” ingredient. This is because Difinsa53 was originally made for cancer patients exposed to radiation and acts as a protective silicone. What caught my attention was through a “patent pending formulation allows us to include a standardized 95% pure silybin (pharmaceutical grade).” Silibina is a component of milk thistle. This is another of my favorite ingredients (their truth in my vitality Treatment Gel), a powerful antioxidant and UV protector.

Another good find seems to be a Matrixyl 3000 serum asdm Beverly Hills. Apart from the peptide combined M3000, there hyaluronic acid, water and two natural preservatives. And at a decent price of $ 35

Our Dare to try Panel took part in a study of consumption Dr. Dennis ferulic gross and Retinol Wrinkle Serum overnight recovery ($ 88 in store) a night serum that combines retinol, ferulic acid and niacinamide. Of the study participants 96.4% saw improvement in skin quality and 85.7% saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. With that endorsement, I just had to give it a try. He was also convinced by the fact that about 90% experienced no irritation – so far, neither

A blast from the past is the mask of algae Blue Lagoon Iceland, I Revised back in 2013. Since then, there has been a repackaging and reformulation with the happy result that no longer has parabens. New additions include wheat and evening primrose oil. Of course, the stars of the show are still there -. Silica and algae Iceland Blue Lagoon

Speaking of repackaging products Sciote now come in cardboard boxes with a personal message of empowerment after opening. The perfect excuse to get reacquainted with Sciote Peptide + Defense Firming Serum Youth ($ 105 in the store). I must say that it really is a great serum and go to the back with a review soon -. Also sing the praises of his good behavior pump

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