What Healthy People Do Differently

“No matter what age you are, no matter how much you weigh, you can still monitor the health of your body.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz

When we close our eyes and try to imagine a “healthy” person, what comes to mind? Perhaps eat well, hard exercise, gymnastics, protein shakes, portion control … you get the idea.


And make no mistake about it, most healthy people do some or all of these things. But it may surprise some of us much about a healthy person who actually do not know . It turns out that many of these people are not “gym rats” or “calorie counters.” Actually they take a more deliberate approach measured in how they tend to their physical and mental health.

So how do they do this exactly? Well, as with many things, methods are highly individualized. However, there are some interesting (and highly effective) characteristics of healthy people that some of us would like, you can emulate.

We discussed 10 things inconspicuous that healthy people do differently:


Fad diets (see: Atkins, South Beach …) have the potential to sell false hopes. “Being on a diet,” in itself, really not a good thing! Need proof? It is estimated, according to the source, that a meager 3-5 percent of people who lose weight through a fad diet actually keep the weight off!

The old cliché “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” is actually pretty darn accurate.

2. Listen to your BODY

no mistake, doctors are very intelligent people. However, they are likely to be wrong occasionally. Healthy people are very holistic in terms of schemes they subscribe; plus it is seeking advice. In addition, healthy people understand that the body feels in a way for some reason. In other words, the body may point out when something needs to be eaten within a certain time.

3. Then stay away from the restaurants / bars / hamburger

Well, 99 percent of the time anyway (see # 10). Seriously, most of restaurant, bar and hamburger restaurant food is absolute rubbish. delicious garbage, perhaps, but nonetheless trash. Needless to say, but consumption of these foods is extremely counterproductive to our health.

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4. They prioritize time in the kitchen …

In a society in which emphasis is placed both on comfort, it is very difficult to eat healthy on a regular basis. Healthy people – many of them as busy as almost everyone else – to find ways to cook your meals at home. More important, however, that the cook right food at home.

5. THEY “clean Coma”

Healthy people are well aware of the ingredients in food; often choose to spend a little more for higher quality products (see above). “Eating clean” is a term used to describe this :. The choice of minimum food ingredients and maximize the potential health benefits

6. They believe that the “real cost” FOOD

Fruits and vegetables aside, some healthy foods can be a little more expensive. The reason is very simple. Meanwhile, natural and real whole foods contain very little of these things, and have obtained responsibly. Of course, the latter is much healthier than the first.

However, healthy people considered the “real cost” of food – what it does to your body -. More, so the numbers on the price tag

7. go shopping the aisles

The hallways are where all the “junk” food. Look around at a supermarket next time you’re there. First, walk around the perimeter of the store and note what you see. Then walk down every aisle in the same market. Fruits, vegetables, seafood, dairy products, lean meats … all these foods are found around the halls. Within the halls? French fries, soft drinks, frozen foods, desserts, etc.

8. Stay away from processed foods

more “ready to eat” are highly processed foods. This really is no different from injecting ourselves with a group of unknown substances. While food preservatives are important for the masses, which are considered harmful by many healthy people.

In short, it is possible to consume only food with minimal processing if efforts are made to do so.

9. they are not deprived

The deprivation is not a healthy trait. It is important to make a distinction between deprivation and desire when it comes to health. Healthy people are not deprived of anything … but quite the opposite, actually. They have a voracious desire to eat well, eat clean, eat often, and fully understand what they put into their bodies.

10. They eat a lot (really!)

As mentioned earlier, people listen to their bodies health. Therefore, they will not hesitate to fulfill their desires when necessary. Healthy people often talk about eating 5 or 6 meals a day with snacks in between.

Therefore, healthy people eat a lot. Differences are as follows :. (A) having a built taste for healthy foods, so this is the food that will come to, and (b) that metabolize much of their food quality because they are healthy

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