What Happens With The Body After You Eat Slice Of Pizza?

We all love the taste of this food even though we know that it belongs to the category of “fast food” and have large amounts of calories. A slice of pizza contains 300 to 350 calories.

read what is happening in the body after eating this Italian specialty.

How the body fights with this meal?

The first 10 minutes after eating the pizza:

the first bite activates the pleasure center in the brain and pleasure is going down while you finish eating. The salivary glands are releasing enzymes that help in the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar in the body and are used as propellant.

10 to 15 minutes after eating:

The sugar enters the blood and fat and protein are fun process. In this period feeling tired and heavy and feels swelling in the stomach because the food is still brewing. If you ate pizza quickly or had any compound that are sensitive to, there are chances that then have gases.

15 to 20 minutes after eating:

Most carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the bloodstream and lead to stop the pancreas. It quickly starts to secrete insulin to store excess sugar. If you ate more than 1 slices of pizza, and cells that are already stored full, excess sugar will remain in your blood. Increased level of blood sugar can cause many cardiovascular problems and poor circulation. The sugar will end up in the liver and converted into fat.

30 minutes after eating:

The body stops secreting the hormone ghrelin or hunger and you are feeling satisfied and full of scuppers. The level of triglycerides in the blood increases and negatively affects people who already have health problems and increased fat in the blood.

45 TI 60 minutes after eating:

increases the pressure slightly blood and adversely affects people who have problems from the heart. The leptin level is very high and not think about food. In this period you have much more energy.

two to four hours after eating:

After a few hours, the blood sugar starts to stabilize, blood pressure is down and the hunger hormone is increasing. The triglyceride level continues to oscillate so it is good to eat something that is low in fat.

Warning: If you do not have any health problems, slice of pizza can be eaten occasionally, not because it will do no harm. The pizza slice not affect much in weight as it has been shown that the weight gain depends on the amount eaten pizza. Still, be careful not to consume daily.

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