What Happens To Our Brains When We Become Mothers?

What happens to our brains when we become mothers?

Being a mother changes that – no doubt about it! However, a new study shows it’s more than staying in on Friday nights, and constantly cleaning up after the little people.

A new study has shown that, even before delivery of the brain activity of a woman increases in brain regions that control compassion, stress and anxiety, and social communication.

These changes, caused by a lot of hormones during pregnancy and in the duration of labor, help attract a new mom to her baby. In other words, the maternal feelings of love frustrating, fierce protector, and constant worry begin with reactions in the brain.

Brain growth

Interestingly, a whole almond-shaped neurons called the amygdala, which helps produce units memory and emotional reactions like worry, anxiety and hostility, grows in mothers giving birth.

Men show similar brain changes when they are deeply included in the provision of care. Oxytocin does not seem driving habits in men the method is performed in women nurture.


According to data from the study by researchers at the University of Montreal, the smell of a baby a reaction is triggered in the brain of a woman if she is a mother, stronger than if she is not.

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